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Enter your football team into the League Of Cuemen Fantasy Football competition and compete against the teams of other pool players. The code to join this league is: r56aha



Rounds 3 and 4 of the Singles Knockout are now online.

Both rounds to be played on Sunday 8th September.



The first two rounds of the Doubles Ko have been drawn.

The quarter finals of the Scotch Doubles is also online.

All matches to be played on 1 September


Welcome to the Market Promotions Stafford Sunday Pool League Web site. This site has been up and running since November 2004. If you are interested in joining the League or have a general question you can send an email to the League Secretary.

summer league important information

Summer League 2019


Eligibility on players during the Summer Season Knockout Stages


Teams CANNOT bring new players in during the Knockout stages.

Players from each team MUST have played 33% of group matches to qualify. This equates to THREE matches (NOT frames). 

This rule CANNOT be changed so it is important that all teams MUST be prepared to plan and that they have the eligible players available.


Players / Teams who need more information about this then please contact me via private message please.


Thank you

winter team knockout finals 2018/19

The Stan Bent Team Knockout Final 

Played Sunday 9th June 2019

@Kennys Sports Bar

Institute Jaffas 4-0 The Kennys Cue 

Jaffas Pool Team

The Kennys Cue Pool Team

The Institute achieved the league and cup double and also going through the entire season unbeaten

The Final was closer than the score line  suggests as both teams tried to get a hold of the match.

Guvvy Gill (Jaffas) cleared well against Martin Priestley after a mistake by the latter to make it 1-0. Up next saw Daz Lighfoot take on 1st div most wins winner Mike Barker and a missed pot by the latter, where it seemed certain to win the frame let Lighfoot back in and he cleared to make it 2-0. Dave Barker was drawn against  Rob 'whacker' Wharne in frame 3 and after breaking, the cueball was left stranded. An attempt to play safe wasn’t safe enough for Wharne, and he duly cleared the table in one visit. Frame four saw Ian Lewis take on Scott Price. Lewis showed some good form and had the first opportunity, but unfortunately he fell short with position on the black and after a failed attempt Price duly took his chance and sealed the winners trophy for the Jaffas running out 4-0 winners

Thank you to Kennys Sportsbar on hosting the event. Also thank you to both Shaun Cooper and Kevin Brown on refereeing the Final


Winter Team Subsidiary Knockout Final

Played Sunday 9th June 2019

@Hop Pole

Metro Bar 4-1 Kennys Tap

Metro Bar from Division Two claimed the Subsidiary Team Knockout after a comfortable 4-1 win over 1st division Kennys Tap. 

Wins for Steve McGann (2), Gaz Nicklin and Paul Leadbetter gave the Metro Bar a fine end to the season after only avoiding relegation from the 2nd division a couple weeks earlier. Dave Williams was the other player to make up the successful four man team.

The sole reply form the Tap was Neil Dale. Adam Lilburne, Bin Sadhra, Spencer Trow and Dave Richardson were the other team members who helped the Tap reach the Final. 

Thank you to the Hop Pole for hosting the Final and also to Gaz Bryant for refereeing the Final. 

scotch doubles rules

Scotch Doubles RULES


All players who are playing in the Scotch Doubles Competition (1st & 2nd Round to be played Sunday 30th June 2019) must read the following rules please


1. The Break

a. Toss of coin will determine alternate breaks frames 1&2. If the match goes to a deciding 3rd frame, then toss of coin will again decide who breaks. (Normally the call is to the opposite player of who called in he 1st frame)


b. When breaking, a player who pots a ball legally. can consult with their partner to decide which nominated ball they wish to play. THIS IS THE ONLY TIME PLAYERS CAN DISCUSS THEIR SHOT during a visit.


c. Throughout a visit, there must be no coaching and no talking between the players at the table. The player can only ask the referee for rule enquiries only. Players who break these rules will be served a “serious foul” which will result in loss of frame. 


Can all players at the venues please share the refereeing duties and play within the spirit of the game. 

The winning doubles are to send the complete results to the league secretary - Dave Whitfield

This can be done via text, WhatsApp, Messenger or Facebook. 


Thank you and good luck to all players.

about stafford sunday pool league

The League is affiliated to the English Pool Association and has two periods of competition. The Winter League currently runs with 3 divisions and also includes a team knockout competition. This is followed by the Singles and Doubles Knockout competitions. The Summer League follows where teams of all abilities compete against each other during the group stage.

The main sponsor of the League is Market Promotions, a local business that runs Car Boot Sales across the Midlands. More information can be found on the Sponsors page.

Trophies are awarded to all winners and runners-up at the annual presentation evening. See the Roll of Honour page for a full list of the current trophy holders as well as the winners from past years.

The Stafford Sunday Pool League currently has one team in the Staffordshire Inter-league competition. The Inter-league offers 2 opportunities (through League and Cup) for teams to play in the National Finals at Great Yarmouth.