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2023-24 Winter League Result Card

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help section

Enter the match details into the form and click the Send button. Use the Reset button to clear the form if you need to start again.

Only select the Knockout Match Type for team knockout matches when all 8 frames are NOT played.

The Summer Group (or Winter Division) should be selected for League matches. This will then populate the Home Team and Away Team lists.

The Home Player and Away Player lists will be populated once the Home Team and Away Team have been selected. The player lists are initially based on the team squads from the previous season so these will be adjusted accordingly during each season. A player’s name should be typed in if it does not appear in the list of available players.

Select “1” or “8” in the Score column next to the winner of each frame and leave a “0” next to the loser. An “8” should only be selected if the frame was won with an 8-ball. The overall match score will be automatically calculated at the bottom of the Score column.

The deadline for handing in the normal signed result card moves back to 8:00pm on the Saturday following the match at one of the designated drop-off points (see Constitution) when the result is posted online.

TECHNICAL NOTE: The online Result Card uses JavaScript to perform validation, populate select lists, calculate the overall match score etc. so you may need to change the settings on your browser (to allow scripts to be run) for this page to perform as designed.

8-ball classification

8-Balls should be marked on the score card by entering the number “8” next to the name of the player who has recorded the 8-ball. There are 2 ways to perform an 8-ball.

A player can break and dish in one visit. i.e. the player chosen to break splits the pack legally and pots one or more red/yellow balls, nominates his/her preferred suit (red/yellow), and goes on to pot all balls of that colour followed by the black ball.

Secondly, 8-Balls can be marked on the score card by the name of the non-breaking player as long as a) the break is dry (no balls are potted), b) the break is legal (minimum of 4 balls strike a cushion and the cue-ball stays on the table) and c) the non-breaking player goes on to clear the table in his/her first visit.