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Inter-league Rules and Regulations

  1. Match days Friday.
  2. Teams may play between 9 and 18 players per match. All players must be registered with the EPA via an I.D. form.
  3. Where possible games will be last Friday each month.
  4. All matches over 18 frames. All matches must be played in order i.e. 1/2/3/4 etc. No player is allowed to play his/her two frames out of order.
  5. Venues to have two tables and play MUST commence on both tables.
  6. NO POSTPONMENTS (UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES) 14-4 Defeat if there is a postponement. (The Committee will view any suspicious circumstances and have the power to ensure fair play).
  7. 2 points for a win and 1 for a draw. Teams finishing level, head to head results decide positions, if still level, overall frames decide, followed by play-off at neutral venue and sudden death 3 frame play-off if 9-9 (as EPA finals)
  8. Matches start at 8PM PROMPT first frame claimed at 8.15 and then every 15 minutes.
  9. Result to Competition Secretary by home team via phone or text (0779 645 2769) within 24 hours. (Sent text doesn’t mean received text).
  10. Failure to comply £5 fine. Result sheet to be sent by home captain to competition Secretary within 7 days. Failure to comply £10 fine.
  11. Red EPA Registration forms and all monies must be in the hands of the comp sec by March 1st or £10 fine and team expelled from the league.
  12. Any team wishing to add players must have correctly completed EPA Registration form, pictures and money to comp sec within 7 days of match or £10 fine and loss of player’s frames.
  13. Players can only play for 1 team per season, no transfers. This applies to all competitions.
  14. Only signed players in a league can represent that league.
  15. A team captain and contact no. must be given to comp sec. for circulation.
  16. Players entered on the sheet 1 – 9 before match starts, after 9th frame order 10 – 18 entered on the sheet, any order, any substitutions.
  17. Home team breaks frame 1 then alternate.
  18. Frame 1 – 9 home team ref, away team time. Frame 10 – 18 away team ref, home team time.
  19. Every frame must be played, and every frame played in order as on the sheet
  20. Inter-league KO Cup will be a Knockout event.Format will be decided at meeting when numbers are confirmed.
  21. Food to be provided by the home team.
  22. EPA eight ball rules to be played at all times.
  23. All disputes in writing to Competition Secretary within 7 days or no ruling. Committee will make decision.
  24. The winners of the league will be Staffordshire champions and together with the Runners-up will represent us at the National finals. Third and fourth placed teams may also be eligible (this is at the National Committee’s discretion).
  25. The size of the pool table for Inter-league matches must be a minimum of 7x4 and a maximum of 8x4.
  26. Administration and prize money. £200 to the Association, the remaining money shared between the first and second placed teams. This prize money is paid in March the following year.
  27. Entry fees. Inter-league £40 per team. Inter-league KO Cup £10 per team.