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2018-19 Winter League Division 3 Averages

 Player Team Frames
1Batkin, DSTARS & STRIPES GART1031376.920
2Bradshaw, MattGPO CLUB C1041471.430
3Brown, LucasGPO CLUB C1041471.430
4Murphy, LesSTARS & STRIPES GART921181.820
5Grujic, VojinMORRIS MAN931275.000
6Lawrence, KirstyGPO CLUB B931275.000
7Saunders, JoshPRINCESS ROYAL A821080.000
8Walker, JoeHOP POLE A821080.000
9Simpson, LyndaKENNYS TITANS831172.730
10Cooper, ShaunKENNYS 8's841266.670
11Heath, BenGPO CLUB B841266.670
12Williams, Dave MRED RUM841266.670
13Willets, DarrenPRINCESS ROYAL A71887.500
14Pask, GordonMORRIS MAN731070.000
15Wilson, SteveHOP POLE A731070.000
16Mantle, JoeKENNYS TITANS751258.330
17Maslin, ClairKENNYS 8's761353.850
18Lycett, BobSTARS & STRIPES GART63966.670
19Clews, SMORRIS MAN641060.000
20Doughty, AntRED RUM641060.000
21Ghindeanu, IonKENNYS 8's641060.000
22Marsden-Till, CharleneGRAPES ESCAPE661250.000
23Barber, LukeGRAPES GOONS51683.330
24Batkin, WayneSTARS & STRIPES GART52771.430
25Charlesworth, LewisKENNYS TITANS53862.500
26Lowe, JonathanKENNYS 8's53862.500
27Heath, JamesHOP POLE A551050.000
28Wallbank, JohnSTARS & STRIPES GART551050.000
29Bryant, JaimeGPO CLUB B45944.440
30Balding, RickyGPO CLUB B471136.360
31Betts, TonyMORRIS MAN471136.360
32Beeston, SteveGRAPES GOONS481233.330
33Brown, AGPO CLUB B31475.000
34Dawson, HaydonGPO CLUB C31475.000
35Whiteside, JordanKENNYS TITANS31475.000
36Farrugia, WayneGRAPES ESCAPE33650.000
37Smith, SRED RUM33650.000
38Steadman, ChrisPRINCESS ROYAL A33650.000
39Anderson, TomGRAPES ESCAPE35837.500
40Gill, MattKENNYS TITANS35837.500

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