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2010-11 Winter League Division 1 Averages

 Player Team Frames
1Wharne, RobRILEYS CUE3333691.674
2Baidwan, PaddyTAP n SPILE27113871.053
3Rawlinson, AndyRILEYS A27123969.232
4Simpson, JimRILEYS A25154062.500
5Sim, AlanRILEYS C24123666.670
6Eastwood, GilesRILEYS A24164060.001
7Priestley, MartinRILEYS CUE2272975.860
8Addison, MickHOP POLE C22143661.110
9Tonna, TomST. GEORGES A22153759.461
10Morrison, JamesRILEYS A22184055.000
11Key, SimonHOP POLE C21123363.641
12Waters, DazJOINERS ARMS A21153658.331
13Daniels, JohnTAP n SPILE21163756.760
14Dale, NeilJOINERS ARMS21173855.260
15Goodwin, LiamSTAFFS BULL L20183852.631
16Holmes, JamesHOP POLE C19113063.330
17Armishaw, JasonST. GEORGES A19173652.780
18LeMaistre, BenBEAR & PHEASANT A19193850.000
19Barker, MikeRILEYS CUE1882669.232
20Gibbs, SteveSTAFFS BULL L18163452.940
21Woolley, JamieTAP n SPILE17213844.742
22Whitehouse, LeeTAP n SPILE1682466.672
23Davies, SimonJOINERS ARMS A16143053.330
24Davies, Simon WRILEYS C15142951.720
25Lewis, IanJOINERS ARMS15142951.720
26Davies, BazHOP POLE C15163148.391
27Bryant, GazJOINERS ARMS15193444.120
28Grobnik, JohnRILEYS C1492360.870
29Sunderland, DuncanHOP POLE C1492360.870
30Barker, DaveRILEYS CUE14122653.851
31Pearcey, AndyJOINERS ARMS14152948.280
32Plimmer, KevST. GEORGES A14152948.280
33Parsons, CraigRILEYS14243836.840
34Shelley, CharlotteRILEYS14253935.900
35Baker, DaveRILEYS C13152846.430
36Loughhead, PaulBEAR & PHEASANT A13173043.330
37Teece, TimJOINERS ARMS A13183141.940
38Brown, KevRILEYS CUE1282060.000
39Whitfield, DaveRILEYS CUE12112352.171
40Farmer, AndySTAFFS BULL L12243633.330

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