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2012-13 Winter League Division 2 Averages

 Player Team Frames
1Rose, DaveHIGHFIELDS CLUB A3194077.500
2Broomhall, ChrisMORRIS MAN2873580.002
3Haynes, DannyOXLEATHERS B27134067.500
4Lenton, NickTHE PENNY POTTERS26144065.000
5Baker, GazLUCKPENNY GARTERS2493372.730
6Maslin, ClairTHE PENNY POTTERS24164060.000
7Marley, DerekHOP POLE D23174057.500
8Nunn, GrahamHOP POLE B23174057.501
9Shaw, MarkOXLEATHERS C22173956.410
10Hardy, StuartTHE PENNY POTTERS22184055.000
11Lycett, BobRADFORD REJECTS22184055.000
12Lewis, AaronHIGHFIELDS CLUB B21153658.330
13Hollowood, MarkJOINERS REBELS21163756.760
14Bent, AndyLUCKPENNY GARTERS1942382.610
15Collins, LiamLUCKPENNY GARTERS1962576.000
16Wilson, SteveHOP POLE B19163554.290
17Chell, LRADFORD REJECTS19183751.350
18Jenkins, CraigJOINERS REBELS19193850.000
19Jackson, AdamHIGHFIELDS CLUB A19214047.500
20Hibbs, DanHOP POLE D18224045.000
21Johnson, KieronMORRIS MAN17122958.622
22Genner, KevinOXLEATHERS B17143154.840
23Smith, DeanOXLEATHERS C17153253.130
24Guy, CraigHOP POLE D17213844.740
25Lanes, NigelJOINERS REBELS17213844.740
26Edensor, ColinJOINERS REBELS16223842.110
27Pibworth, RussTHE PENNY POTTERS16244040.000
28Bailey, JamieMORRIS MAN15102560.000
29McCintosh, PhilHOP POLE B15193444.120
30Shelley, CharlotteMORRIS MAN15193444.120
31Murphy, LesRADFORD REJECTS15213641.670
32Moore, KevOXLEATHERS B14132751.850
33Rose, ChrisHIGHFIELDS CLUB B14142850.000
34Lowe, JonathanOXLEATHERS C14173145.160
35Simpson, MattyHIGHFIELDS CLUB B14193342.420
36Cooper, ShaunMORRIS MAN14213540.000
37Marshall, John LeeOXLEATHERS C12162842.860
38Wallbank, JohnRADFORD REJECTS12243633.330
39Nolan, ChrisOXLEATHERS B1192055.000
40Hill, AllenOXLEATHERS B11122347.831

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