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2014 Summer League Premier Group B Averages

 Player Team Frames
1Lycett, BobRADFORD REJECTS1732085.000
2Collins, LiamSTAR & GARTER A1642080.000
3Gilman, TomSTAR & GARTER A1531883.330
4Heath, BenGPO CLUB B1441877.780
5Hibbs, DanHOP POLE D1462070.000
6Marley, DerekHOP POLE D1161764.710
7Jenkinson, SamLUCKPENNY B1061662.500
8Lawrence, KirstyGPO CLUB B10102050.000
9Perry, SaulSTAR & GARTER A941369.230
10Lainton, JohnGPO CLUB B951464.290
11Guy, CraigHOP POLE D971656.250
12Clarke, JennyHOP POLE D981752.940
13Wallbank, JohnRADFORD REJECTS881650.000
14Murphy, LesRADFORD REJECTS771450.000
15Powell, TrevLUCKPENNY B62875.000
16Brown, BarryGPO CLUB B6101637.500
17Marcinski, DanBEAR & PHEASANT A6121833.330
18Whalley, AlanLUCKPENNY B51683.330
19Balding, RickyGPO CLUB B561145.450
20Harter, ChrisLUCKPENNY B571241.670
21Brough, HazelRADFORD REJECTS5111631.250
22Bent, AndySTAR & GARTER A404100.000
23Edgeley, AndyLUCKPENNY B44850.000
24Charlton, OBEAR & PHEASANT A4121625.000
25Arrowsmith, DaveBEAR & PHEASANT A303100.000
26Varkulys, AHOP POLE D33650.000
27Carter snr, JohnLUCKPENNY B35837.500
28Williams, WayneLUCKPENNY B35837.500
29Beeston, SteveBEAR & PHEASANT A381127.270
30Toddington, CRADFORD REJECTS3111421.430
31Carr, PaddyLUCKPENNY B202100.000
32Pole D, WalHOP POLE D202100.000
33Davies, NeilSTAR & GARTER A24633.330
34Heath, CGPO CLUB B101100.000
35L Star, NeilSTAR & GARTER A101100.000
36Scott, SBEAR & PHEASANT A101100.000
37Wright, DBEAR & PHEASANT A101100.000
38Dutch, NSTAR & GARTER A11250.000
39Francil, LacrouxBEAR & PHEASANT A11250.000
40Holland, MarkBEAR & PHEASANT A11250.000

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