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2015 Summer League Group C Averages

 Player Team Frames
1Barker, MikePERKINS CUE2422692.312
2Sim, AlanPERKINS CUE2052580.000
3Sheerin, MarkGPO CLUB A2062676.920
4Tonna, TomPERKINS Z2062676.920
5Hughes, GazPRINCESS ROYAL B2082871.432
6Marley, DerekHOP POLE D1952479.170
7Barker, DavePERKINS CUE1972673.080
8Harrington, LeePRINCESS ROYAL B1832185.711
9Whitfield, DavePERKINS CUE16102661.541
10Hibbs, DanHOP POLE D15132853.570
11Edge, WillGPO CLUB A1472166.670
12Vernon, TomWAGGON & HORSES A14102458.330
13Smith, DeanPERKINS Z14112556.000
14Clarke, JennyHOP POLE D14122653.850
15Nolan, ChrisPERKINS Z1282060.000
16Bryant, MickGPO CLUB A1292157.140
17Guy, CraigHOP POLE D12122450.000
18Davis, AnthonyGPO CLUB A1192055.000
19Hollinshead, IanTAP n SPILE A11112250.000
20Perkins, NeilPERKINS Z1091952.630
21Priestley, MartinPERKINS CUE81988.890
22Jefferies, IanPRINCESS ROYAL B851361.540
23Genner, KevinPERKINS Z8122040.000
24Williams, Dave MWAGGON & HORSES A8162433.330
25Grant, CharlieWAGGON & HORSES A8172532.000
26Marcinski, DanBEAR & PHEASANT A8182630.770
27Pritchard, PaulPRINCESS ROYAL B7101741.180
28Alldiss, PhilGPO CLUB A641060.000
29Coulthard, PhilTAP n SPILE A661250.000
30Dooler, MartinBEAR & PHEASANT A681442.860
31Gillespie, MarkPRINCESS ROYAL B681442.860
32Jeffrey, JohnTAP n SPILE A6152128.570
33Blurton, ChrisWAGGON & HORSES A6162227.270
34Lilburne, AdamTAP n SPILE A6192524.000
35Mars, CraigBEAR & PHEASANT A5232817.860
36Watson, LiamHOP POLE D42666.670
37Key, DannyTAP n SPILE A44850.000
38Sadhra, PavTAP n SPILE A4182218.180
39Alldis, JamesGPO CLUB A3111421.430
40Haynes, DannyHOP POLE D202100.000

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