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2010-11 Stan Bent Team Ko

RoundDate TimeBest of
Last 3219th December 20108.00pm7
Last 1613th February 20118.00pm7
Quarter Finals27th March 20118.00pm7
Semi Finals12th June 20118.00pm7
Final19th June 20118.00pm7

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Knockout Draw Sheet

Jun 2011
stan bent team ko final report

RILEYS, Sunday 19th June 2011. Referee Miss Lynda Simpson (League Treasurer)

FRAME 1. Div one average winner and County player Rob Wharne (Cue) started off the Final against Div two average winner Steve Finney (Cue T's) and it proved to be a grueller. Wharne who was in a bit of difficulty then started to get a stranglehold on the game and gradually gained the upper hand. After an exchange of tactical play, Finney decided to pot one of Wharne's remaining set but Wharne struggled to get on the black but then pulled off a great snooker and it looked as though Finney was in trouble. After much deliberation, Finney decided he had no choice but to go for it! He superbly potted his yellow off the side cushion and it flew into the centre. It then left him the easy task of potting his last yellow and black much to the delight of his team mates to put the Cue T's 1-0 up.

FRAME 2. Dave Barker (Cue) was then up against Clair Maslin (Cue T's) in the 2nd frame. Barker has been in these situations before, knowing he had to pull out a fine performance against a determined County Ladies player. Barker got off to an ideal start potting with fluency and when Maslin did come to the table she tried to stem the flow by tactical play. However, Barker was showing fine form and cleared the table well and levelled the scores much to the relief of his team mates.

FRAME 3. Mike Barker (Cue) was then paired against Russ Pibworth (Cue T's). A series of safety shots followed a dry break before Pibworth potted the first ball but failed to take the initiative. The experience of former County player Barker eventually started to appear as he took command of the table and patiently waited for a clear chance. A foul from Pibworth presented the opportunity for Barker and, although he left himself a long straight black into the corner, he dug deep to cue it perfectly and sink the black to put the Cuemen 2-1 up.  

FRAME 4. Kev Brown (Cue) then drew Dennis Kitchen (Cue T's) in the 4th frame. Brown has possibly played in more Team Ko finals then any other player in Sunday Pool history but he found it hard going at the start with Kitchen's reputation as a fine potter in evidence. However, Brown delved into his vast experience and started to slow and restrict Kitchen's chances until Brown failed to hit the cushion. This put Kitchen back in and he had a great chance to pot the black into the corner but amazingly missed it. Brown then tried to snooker him but left Kitchen another chance. Missing the previous chance seemed to play on his mind and again he missed it. This time Brown made no more mistakes and seized the moment and eventually sunk the black to give the Cuemen a 3-1 lead at the break.

FRAME 5. Dave Whitfield (Cue) was then paired against Steve Finney (Cue T's). The League Secretary was put in the 2nd half against 1st half winner Finney and after Whitfield had won the toss, he broke and unluckily found himself behind 2 balls  After an unsuccessful attempt, Finney went for the kill but then, after potting 5 yellows, he lost position. This forced him to play safe. Finney was in control and Whitfield tried to lay a snooker but left Finney a sighter. This forced his hand to go for the finish but he unfortunately snookered himself on his last colour. The resulting foul gave Whitfield 2 visits which helped to calm any nerves as he cleared the table and won the frame and match.

Martin Priestley (Cue) and Ainoa Villar (Cue Ts) did not play on the night but both contributed to each team's progress to the final. Just reaching the final was an excellent achievement in itself by 2nd division Cue Ts, having already beaten two top 5 first division teams on their journey. The victory meant that the Rileys Cue side achieved the Winter team double for the 2nd year running.

May 2011
stan bent semi final report

This match, held at St Georges, was brought forward due to a problem with the original scheduled date.

It was the Rickerscote team who flew out of the blocks going into a 2-0 lead before the Cue Ts hit back with two wins of their own, including an 8-ball from Steve Finney in the 4th frame, to share the spoils at the half-way stage.

Ricky A then reclaimed the lead by winning the first frame after the interval. Once again the Cue Ts hit back to level the score at 3-3 thus taking the tie into a final frame decider.

So, it was left to the captain of each team to battle it out and send their side into the final. Inevitably, for such a close match, the frame went down to a black ball game. Clair Maslin (Cue Ts) then had a chance at glory when she went for a difficult cut into a corner pocket but the black stayed up and, worse still for Clair, it stayed over the pocket. Up stepped Mick Bryant who seized his chance to pot the black ball but was agonisingly helpless as the cue ball followed it into the same pocket.

It completed a remarkable run to the final by the 2nd division team who had already dispatched two established 1st division teams (Rileys C and Hop Pole C) in the previous two rounds of the competition.

The Cue Ts now have a wait to see who they will play in the final. The other semi-final is due to be contested between Rileys Cue and Rileys A at the Rickerscote Arms on 12th June.

Mar 2011
stan bent quarter final report

STAN BENT TEAM KNOCKOUT Sunday 27th March 2011.

It was the Quarter Finals of the Stan Bent Team KO and big victories for lower league opposition were very possible.

Rileys Cue T's from the 2nd div were still on a high after knocking out highly fancied Hop Pole C (winners 2009) in the previous round and did the same to 1st div Rileys C. Russ Pibworth got them off to a good start then Steve Finney pulled off a double to make it 3-2. Then it went to a decider and it was left to Ainoa Villar who saw the Cuties home with a fine snooker escape to pot the black.

Rickerscote A who currently lead the 2nd div unbeaten faced a tough challenge from in-form Tap n Spile. It looked as if it was going to form with the Tap going 2-0 up but back came the Ricky as they went 3-2 up. Phil Alldiss won 2 of those and when it went to a decider it was left to John Lainton who also picked up his 2nd win of the night to put the Ricky through 4-3.

Rileys A, 2nd in the 1st div, were made to work hard for their 4-3 win over a spirited 3rd div Perkins Social. Andy Rawlinson (2) incl a 'dish', James Morrison and Jim Simpson saw the Rileys team home.

2008 & 2010 winners Rileys Cue were up against 3rd div leaders Ricky C and after the first 2 close frames where Kev Brown and Dave Barker were successful for the Cue men both Dave Whitfield and Mike Barker cleared with one visit to book their Semi Final spot after running out 4-0 winners.

Jan 2011
stan bent team knockout 1st round

Two teams gained victories over higher division opposition in the 1st round of the Stan Bent Team ko. Rickerscote C from the 3rd div defeated 2nd div St. Georges B 4-2. Brian Lycett (2), Dave Ashton and Les Murphy were the victors on the night. 3rd div Perkins Social also achieved the same score over 2nd div Rangers Social. James Devlin (2), Rob Harris and Warren Bradbury all won. Staffs Bull L put their poor league form to one side after they ran out 4-3 winners over fellow 1st div side Rileys. 2010 holders Rileys Cue came through with a comfortable 4-0 win over 3rd div Metro Bar. Both Bear & Pheasant sides also recorded 4-0 victories over the Joiners and Rileys Rockets. To See more results from the 1st Round click on the Knockouts link.

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