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Oct 2023
international rules

International Rules were voted in at the 2023 AGM and have been adopted across the Sunday Pool League from the 2023/24 Winter League season onwards.

International Rules were adopted by the English Pool Association on 1st January 2023 as the playing rules for use in all nationally organised events.

The Rules page on the EPA website contains many documents to help explain the new ruleset, including a quick start guide, useful pictures, a booklet and A3 poster etc.

Players who have any queries regarding these rule changes should contact the League Secretary for clarification.

Sep 2023
summer league knockout finals



Played Sunday 10th September 2023

Venue - Kennys Sportsbar


Kennys Bear 1 - 4 THE KENNYS CUE


The Kennys Cue are the Summer League Champions. Their last Final success was back in 2016 and were runners up in the last two finals. 

Kennys Bear unfortunately had to award a frame but still had chances in a close fought final. 

Gav Davies (Bear) got off to a good start but it was Nicky Hodgkinson (Cue) who had the early opportunities to take the frame. A missed long red proved costly as Davies cleared well with composure to make it 1-0 to the Bear. 

Mike Barker (Cue) was awarded the 2nd frame to make the scores 1-1. 

Dave Barker (Cue) was pitted against Andy Rawlinson (Bear) and after a dry break, Dave Barker seized the opportunity and Rawlinson never had a chance and after missed attempt at playing a snooker, it was Barker who took his chance and put the Cue men 2-1 up.

Martin Priestley (Cue) was next up and faced the challenge of Jim Simpson (Bear). The frame was a tight tussle knowing the importance on where the match was going. Simpson tried to get a hold but a missed chance let Priestley in and after a nervous exchange, it was Priestley who claimed the win to make it 3-1 to the Cue men. 

Dave Whitfield (capt) was then drawn against Rawlinson in the 5th frame. Rawlinson dry breaked and after a slow start Whitfield played a couple good snookers. However an in-off let Rawlinson back in but he unfortunately snookered himself on his last red. Whitfield got the two shots and duly seized the chance to clear up and claim the winning frame to make it 4-1 to the Cue men. 

Thank you to Kennys Sportsbar for hosting the final and thank you to Kev Brown on referring. 




Played Sunday 10th September 2023

Venue - Waggon & Horses


Holmcroft 2-4 OXLEATHERS A


Oxleathers A became the Summer Plate Champions after a narrow 4-2 win over the Holmcroft. 

Holmcroft got off to good start with Ian Nunn defeating Steve Lowndes in the first frame. However Oxleathers got into the match with wins for Adrian Mabberley (v Lee Sturgess), Kev Lewis (v Dan Nunn) and Stuart Roper (v Carl Wilson) to put the Oxleathers 3-1 up at the break. 

Ian Nunn pulled one back with a win over Roper to trail by one frame. However Kev Lewis had different ideas as he got he frame needed to secure the Plate with a win over Dan Nunn. 

Thank you to Waggon & Horses for hosting the final and thanks to Gaz Bryant and Neil Addison on refereeing the Final.




Played Sunday 10th September 2023

Venue - Oxleathers 


Luckpenny 0-4 WAGGON & HORSES A


Waggon & Horses A won the Sub-Plate Knockout with a 4-0 win over luckless Luckpenny

Wins for Kev Davies, Andy Laing, Shane Millen and Steve Hunt secured the win. 

Representing the Luckpenny were Clive Pritchard, Linda Simpson, Neil McKay, Daz Meeley and Chris Gray.

Thank you to the Oxleathers on hosting the Final and thank you to Mark Mitchell on refereeing the final.

Jul 2023
annual general meeting


Date : SUNDAY 13th AUGUST 2023


Time : 7:45pm Prompt Start

Winter League Sign-in Registration : 6:45pm - 7:30pm (Paid Teams will be issued with a voting card)

New and existing Teams are invited to enter the Forthcoming Winter Season 2023/24 Season

Winter league Fees will be £50 per team

AGENDA for the evening

1. Chairman to read the 2022 AGM minutes

2. Chairmans Report

3. League Secretaries Report

4. League Treasurers Report

5. Election of Officers** and Committees Members

6. Proposed Changes **

7. Constitution Amendments

8. Any Other Business (AOB)


** Election of Officers and Proposed Changes to be sent either via E-mail, Letter or WhatsApp message (Private message only) by NO later than Sunday 29th July 2023

Proposed Changes CANNOT be brought forward on the night of the AGM

Jul 2023
singles & doubles knockouts 2023

Singles & Doubles 2023 dates 


17th September - Scotch Doubles 1st & 2nd Round

24th September - Singles 1st & 2nd Round

1st October  - Normal doubles 1st & 2nd Round

8th October - Singles 3rd & 4th Round / Plate 1st & 2nd Round

15th October - Scotch Doubles Finals Night

22nd October - Normal Doubles Finals Night

29th October - Singles Finals night

5th November - Ladies Finals night **

12th November - Seniors Finals night ** (50+)


** - the Ladies and Seniors earlier rounds will be played before the Finals night. Draws will be made well in advance and those players will arrange their games beforehand. 

These Ladies and senior Finals dates may change. 

All the other competitions will stay as the are. 


Eligibility for entry

Players must have played in FIVE matches during the Winter Season 2022/23 or FOUR matches during the Summer season 2023. 


There will be prize money this year for the doubles and singles competitions. 

Entry Fees for the doubles will be £3 (£6 per pair)

Entry Fees for the Singles will be £3 per player.

Entry Fees for the Seniors will be £2 per player. 

All monies to be paid in by Sunday 6th August 2023. Kennys sportsbar between 6pm and 7:30pm

May 2023
winter season 2022/23

Winter League 2022/23 Review


Division ONE

Congratulations to Institute TTFD on becoming League Champions for a 4th year in a row.

However, in what proved to be a close run contest, it was down to the last game of the season. A 4-4 draw at home to Waggon & Horses was enough to secure the league title by 2 points over The Kennys Cue who pushed them all the way. The Kenny’s Cue won their last match 5-3 which proved to leave them short. 

Victorious for the Institute throughout the campaign was Rob Wharne (capt), Jake Cooper, Gaz Baker & Ian Lewis.

Representing the Cue men was Dave Whitfield (capt), Martin Preistley, Nicky Hodgkinson, Mike & Dave Barker.

At the other end of the table Oxleathers A fete was already confirmed, however it proved to be last day drama for both Kennys Tap and Kennys Rebels who both had to win well. It was the Rebels 7-1 win that was enough to secure division One status.

Rob Wharne (Institute TTFD) had the most wins with 33 out of 36 matches. 

Mark Billingsley (Institute 8’s) & Gav Davies (Kennys Bear) had the most 8 balls with 5 each.


Division TWO

Congratulations to Kennys Underdogs on winning Division Two and gaining promotion to the 1st Division. The title was secured a couple of weeks prior and won comfortably by 29 points. The underdogs were represented by Jamie Wright (capt), Sean Casey, Aaron & Bailey Wright. 

The other promotion place proved to be a lot closer with the Holmcroft securing the runners up spot by one point over the Joiners Arms. Holmcroft’s 4-4 draw with the Underdogs proved enough as the Joiners could only manage a 5-3 win in their last game. 

The Holmcroft were represented throughout the season by Ian Nunn (capt), Dan Nunn, Lee Sturgess, Paul Lazenby & Steve Brookes. 

The relegation battle was similar to the 1st div. Staffs Bull fete was already confirmed, however Waggon & Horse B were denied 2nd div status by the slender margin of least draws as they were tied on points with Kennys Killers. Only 2 points separated 4 teams for the final relegation spot. 

Simon Pye (Joiners Arms) had the most wins with 28 out of 34 matches.

Bailey Wright (Underdogs) & Brendon Ruttledge (Joiners) had the most 8 balls with 2 each. 


Division THREE

Staffs Bully Bull secured the Division three title a couple of weeks ago after dominating the season throughout. They won by a healthy 14 points over their nearest challengers, the Kennys 8’s. Kennys 8’s 4-4 draw with Princess Royal B in their final game was enough to secure promotion. 3rd place Kennys Shadows pushed them but fell away towards the end. 

Representing the Bully Bull were Daz Meeley (capt), Chris Gray, Neil McKay, Lynda Simpson and Clive Pritchard.

Representing the Kennys 8’s were Jonathon Lowe (capt), Tom Vernon, Clair Maslin & Andy Jones. 

Jonathon Lowe (Kennys 8’s) had the most wins with 27 from 32 matches. 

D Batkin (Bear), D Meeley (Bull), K Plimmer (Joiners A) & T Anderson (Allsorts) all had 1 x 8 ball. 

Jan 2023
presentation evening


Friday 13th January 2023

Venue - KENNYS Sportsbar

8pm onwards

Free Entry 

  Sorry it’s late this time round. Due to me being away during the whole of November and Limited availability through December. This was the only date available in the New year. Hope to see everyone there. 

Presentation Evening List



Div ONE Runners Up - KENNYS BEAR

Div ONE Most Wins - Daz Lightfoot (TTFD)

Div ONE Most 8 Balls - Daz Lightfoot, Rob Wharne & Robbie Jenkinson


Div TWO Champions - INSTITUTE 8’s

Div TWO Runners Up - KENNYS TAP

Div TWO Most Wins - Mark Billingsley (Inst 8’s)

Div TWO Most 8 Balls - Mark Billingsley 




Div THREE Most Wins - Shane Millen (Waggon A)

Div THREE Most 8 Balls - Chris Hatton (Waggon A)


Stan Bent Champions - THE KENNYS CUE

Stan Bent Runners Up - GPO CLUB A

Stan Bent Semi Finalists - Waggon & Horses, Kennys Rebels


Winter Sub KO Winners - METRO BAR

Winter Sub KO Runners Up - OXLEATHERS A 



Group Winners - 

Institute TTFD (Group A); Kennys Bear (Group B); The Kennys Cue (Group C);

Oxleathers A (Group D); Kennys Rebels (Group E).


Summer Team KO Winners - INSTITUTE TTFD 

Summer Team KO R/Up - THE KENNYS CUE

Summer Team KO S/F - Waggon & Horses; Kennys Bear


Summer Plate Winners - JOINERS ARMS


Summer Sub Plate Winners - GPO CLUB A



Singles Champion - JAKE COOPER (Institute TTFD)

Singles Runners Up - SIMON KEY (Waggon & Horses)

Singles Semi Finalists - Dave Arrowsmith (Kennys Bear), Rob Wharne (Institute TTFD)


Ladies Champion - IRENE WOOD (Metro Bar A)

Ladies Runner Up - TASHA FARMER (Institute TTFD)

Ladies Semi Finlaists - Clair Maslin (Kennys 8's), Charlotte Shelley


Seniors Champion - DAVE WHITFIELD (The Kennys Cue)

Seniors Runner Up - ANDY RAWLINSON (Kennys Bear)


Singles Plate Winner - RUSS BRITTON (Institute 8's)

Singles Plate Runner Up - ANDY WADHAM (Kennys Tap)


Scotch Doubles Champions - JAKE COOPER & DAZ LIGHTFOOT (Institute TTFD)

Scotch Doubles Runner Up -MALCOLM WHARNE & ROB WHARNE (Institute TTFD)

Scotch Doubles Semi Finalists -

Andy Rawlinson & Kev Brown (Kennys Bear/Waggon); Scott Haidarovic & Robbie Jenkinson (Kennys Rebels)


Normal Doubles Champions - ROB WHARNE & DAVE WHITFIELD (Institute TTFD/Kennys Cue)

Normal Doubles Runners Up - ALAN SIM & GAV DAVIES (Kennys Bear)

Normal Doubles Semi Finalists -

Wayne Batkin & Danny Batkin (Bear Cubs); Andy Pearcey & Brendon Ruttledge (Joiners Arms)

Nov 2022
individual knockouts winners list


Jake Cooper (Institute TTFD)


Irene Wood (Metro Bar A)


Dave Whitfield (The Kennys Cue)

Singles Plate CHAMPION

Russell Britton (Institute 8’s)

Scotch Doubles CHAMPIONS

Jake Cooper & Daz Lightfoot 

(Institute TTFD)

Normal Doubles CHAMPIONS 

Dave Whitfield & Rob Wharne

(The Kennys Cue / Institute TTFD)

Full results and reports 


Played Sunday 9th October 2022


Quarter Final Results

K BROWN & A RAWLINSON 3-1 D Arrowsmith & J Simpson

R WHARNE & M WHARNE 3-1 A Pearcey & B Ruttledge 

R JENKINSON & S HAIDAROVIC 3-0 J Atkins & M Willetts 

J COOPER & D LIGHTFOOT 3-2 N Hodgkinson & D Whitfield 

Semi Final Results

J COOPER & D LIGHTFOOT 3-0 K Brown & A Rawlinson

R WHARNE & M WHARNE 3-2 R Jenkinson & S Haidarovic


FINAL Result (played 16/10/22)

JAKE COOPER & DAZ LIGHTFOOT 4-3 Rob Wharne & Malcom Wharne


Report - in a the battle of the Institute, it was a remarkable comeback from 3-0 down to give Cooper & Lightfoot the Scotch Doubles Title. Rob & Malcom Wharne were looking good for the title after opening up a healthy lead but the experience and good potting skills came good for the former. The Father and Son pairing will feel disappointed but great credit to the latter on not giving up and finishing the job

In the semi finals, Cooper and Lightfoot made light work in no time, running out 3-0 winners Over the experienced pairing of Brown & Rawlinson. However the Wharne’s were made to work hard for their 3-2 win over Jenkinson & Haidarovic, where Malcolm Wharne pulled a magical black to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. 

A big thank you to Simon Davies, Simon Pye, Martin Priestley, Gaz Bryant, Alan Farrow & Shaun Cooper on refereeing the Finals. 




Played Sunday 23rd October 2022



D WHITFIELD & R WHARNE (The Kennys Cue / Institute TTFD)  3-0

D Meeley & C Gray (Staffs Bully Bull)

A PEARCEY & B RUTTLEDGE (Joiners Arms)  3-0

L Sturgess & S Brookes (Holmcroft)

W BATKIN & D BATKIN (Bear Cubs). 3-2

N Hodgkinson & S Trow (The Kennys Cue / Kennys Tap)

A SIM & G DAVIES (Kennys Bear). 3-0

D Arrowsmith & J Simpson (Kennys Bear)  



A SIM & G DAVIES 3-1 A Pearcey & B Ruttledge

D WHITFIELD & R WHARNE 3-2 W Batkin & D Batkin 


FINAL Result

DAVE WHITFIELD & ROB WHARNE 4-2 Alan Sim & Gav Davies 


Report- Dave Whitfield and Rob Wharne defended their doubles crown with a closely fought 4-2 win over Alan Sim & Gav Davies. Whitfield & Wharne opened up a 2-0 advantage but were then pegged back to 2–2 with some impressive pool play. However Wharne regained the initiative with an 8 ball clearance in frame 5 and when it looked like going to a decider, an uncharacteristic miss by Davies let Whitfield in and he took the chance to claim the Normal Doubles title. 

In the semi Finals Sim & Davies saw off the strong challenge of Andy Pearcey & Brendon Ruttledge with a 3-1 win. However, Whitfield & Wharne were pushed all the way by Wayne & Danny Batkin winning 3-2, where really the Batkin’s will rue their missed chance in the final frame to cause a shock result. 

A big thank you to Gaz Bryant, Shaun Cooper, Kev Brown, Lynda Simpson, Mick Evans on refereeing the Finals. 




Played Sunday 23rd October 2022


Play Off Place for Semi Final

C MASLIN 2-0 K Lawrence 

C MASLIN 2-0 L Simpson


Semi Final Results 

T FARMER 3-2 C Maslin

I WOOD 3-2 C Shelley


FINAL Result - Pippa Steele Trophy

IRENE WOOD 4-2 Tasha Farmer


Report - Irene Wood regained the ladies crown for a 5th time after a close battle with Tasha Farmer. It was Tash’s debut final appearance and she made Irene work hard for the title. In the end it was the experience of an established county player that rewarded Irene Wood of the coveted Pippa Steele Trophy. 

Irene was pushed all the way in the semi final with a 3-2 win over defending champion Charlotte Shelley. That was the case for Tash’s, who also came through a hard thought 3-2 win over Clair Maslin. 





Played 25th October 2022


Semi Final Results 




FINAL Result

DAVE WHITFIELD 4-1 Andy Rawlinson 


Report - Dave Whitfield became the Seniors Champion after successfully beating defending champion Andy Rawlinson 4-1 in the Final. An 8 ball in frame 3 by Dave was one of the highlights. In its 2nd season it was again the same finalists in which Andy won the previous final. In the semi finals Whitfield ran out 3-0 winner over Spencer Trow again with another 8 ball. Rawlinson defeated fellow doubles player Kev Brown 3-2 in a close fought semi final where it could of gone either way 





Played Sunday 30th October 2022


Semi Final Results

A WADHAM 3-0 A Rawlinson



FINAL Results

RUSS BRITTON 4-3 Andy Wadham


Report - Russ Britton became the Singles Plate champion after overcoming a rugged challenge from Andy Wadham. A match which lasted a couple of hours it was Russ who came out in top winning 4-3. In the semi finals, Wadham saw off the challenge of Andy Rawlinson with a served but surprising 3-0 win. Britton came through a tough match with Alan Sim winning 3-1.





Played Sunday 30th October 2022


Quarter Final Results

R WHARNE 3-0 R Jenkinson

J COOPER 3-2 M Barker


S KEY 3-2 J Woolley


Semi Final Results

J COOPER 4-3 R Wharne 

S KEY 4-1 D Arrowsmith


FINAL Result 

JAKE COOPER 5-1 Simon Key


Report - Jake Cooper became the Stafford Sunday Pool League Champion for the 1st time. He had to come through a tough test on Finals night to secure the crown. He overcame the challenge of Mike Barker in the quarter finals, where Barker missed the black from an acute angle to give Jake the win from the resulting clearance. In the semi finals he came back from 3-0 down to beat multiple singles champion and practise partner Rob Wharne. In the other semi final Simon Key played some great pool to oust the challenge of Dave Arrowsmith. 

In the Final, he carried on his good form and comfortably over came the challenge of Simon Key winning 5-1. Both players were playing in their first Finals. A great achievement for Cooper who a couple weeks earlier won the scotch doubles (with Daz Lighfoot)

a big thank you to the referees on the night. They were Dave Whitfield, Alan Farrow, Lynda Simpson, Neil Addison, Clair Maslin, Mick Evans & Kev Brown. 

Sep 2022
doubles knockouts postponement

 On behalf of the Stafford Sunday Pool League it has been decided that this weekends Normal Double Knockout Competition has been postponed. 

The rescheduled date is now set for Sunday 2nd October 2022. 

This date was originally for the quarter Finals of the Normal Doubles. 

This means that the normal Doubles Finals night (to be played Sunday 23/10/22) will consist of Quarter Finals, semi Finals and Final with a view for 7pm start.

I believe it’s the right and proper thing to do out of respect for the funeral of the Queen on the bank Holiday Monday. 

Normal service will resume the following Sunday with rounds 3 and 4 of the singles knockout and also the 1st and 2nd rounds of the plate competition. The draws for both those competitions will be out later this week.

Aug 2022
summer league knockout finals


Played at Kennys Sportsbar 

Sunday 21st August 2022

The Kennys Cue 1-4 INSTITUTE TTFD 

  Winter League Champions Institute TTFD made it a double with a win over Stan Bent Winners The Kennys Cue. Both teams had to come through tough semi finals, Institute winning 4-3 v Kennys Bear and the Kennys Cue also winning 4-3 v the Waggon & Horses to make it to the final. Jake Cooper, Rob Wharne, Daz Lightfoot and Ian Lewis all winning for the Institute. The sole reply was by Mike Barker for the Cue. Dave Barker, Dave Whitfield and Martin Priestley made up the rest of the Kennys Cue.

A big thank you to Kennys for hosting and also Kevin Brown who reffed the whole final. 



Played at the Waggon & Horses

Sunday 21st August 2022

Kennys Underdogs 1-4 JOINERS ARMS

  Winter 2nd division side Kennys Underdogs lost to 1st division side Joiners Arms in the Plate Final. Wins for the Joiners was Brendon Ruttledge, Kev Plimmer (2) and Simon Davies. Neil Addison also made up the set of the side. Jamie Wright was the sole winner. Also representing the underdogs on the night was Aaron Wright, Bailey Wright, Sean Casey and Spencer Trow.

A big thank you to the Waggon for hosting the Final and also Les Spud Murphy and Mick Addison on helping refereeing the Final.


Summer Sub Plate KO Final

Played at Kennys Sportsbar

Sunday 21st August 2022

GPO A 4-3 Staffs Bully Bull

  In a much closer Final it was the GPO who came out on top with a 4-3 win over the Bull. Mark Sheerin, Phil Alldiss, James Alldiss and Mick Bryant all won with Ant Davis making up the rest of the team. Mike Machin and Daz Meeley (2) replied for the Bull

A big thank you to Kennys on hosting the Final and a big thank you to Clair Maslin on refereeing the Final.

Jun 2022
singles, doubles, seniors & ladies ko


Players eligible to enter must have played in at least FOUR matches (Not Frames) during the Winter season 2021/22 OR FOUR Matches during the Summer League 2022


Entry Fee is £3 per player (singles) and £6 per pair (doubles/scotch)

Seniors knockout is £2 per player. 

Ladies knockout is Free


For this seasons individual knockouts, there will be NO Prize money awarded.


ALL MONIES to be paid by the date of the AGM  - 31st July 2022. If unable to attend then please contact any of the officers. 


Singles & doubles KO Dates


4th sept - Scotch 1&2

11th sept - singles 1&2

18th sept - Doubles 1&2

25th sept - singles 3&4 / *Ladies qualifiers

2nd October - doubles 3&4 / *ladies qualifiers

9th October - SCOTCH FINALS 

16th October - *SENIORS KNOCKOUT 5pm start 

23rd October - DOUBLES FINALS

30th October - SINGLES FINALS

6th November - LADIES FINALS


*Seniors knockout and Ladies Knockout dates  might change but will have flexibility as regards when matches can be played

Apr 2022
team knockout finals

Stan Bent Team Knockout Final Result


Played Sunday 10th April 2022




Congratulations to The Kennys Cue on winning their 6th Stan Bent Team Knockout. Wins for Mike Barker, Dave Barker & Dave Whitfield (2), ably supported by both Martin Priestley and Nicky Hodgkinson saw the Cue Men finish on high with fine win over the GPO A.

The GPO A sole reply was Phil Aldiss. Mark Sheerin, Mick Bryant, James Alldiss and Ant Davis should be proud of their achievement on getting to the final after a indifferent league campaign. 

The Final was played in good spirit with some Fine potting from the Barkers to give them a 2-0 lead, however Priestley went in off on the black to give Phil Alldiss a win to make it 2-1. Whitfield managed to overcome a challenging frame to Make it 3-1. Whitfield went straight back on to play Davis but struggled to get a hold and after a long, scrappy frame, eventually he won the frame after a missed opportunity by Davis. 

Thank you to both Shaun Cooper and Kev Brown on officiating the match.

Also thank you to Kennys Sportsbar on hosting the Final.



Winter Subsidiary Team Knockout Final


Played Sunday 10th April 2022


METRO BAR  4-1  Oxleathers A


Congratulations to the Metro Bar on winning the Winter Subsidiary team Knockout Final. Paddy Baidwan (2 wins incl an 8 ball), Jamie Woolley and Mick Evans all won. John Daniels lost the only game to Stuart Roper who had Mark Shaw, Kev & Aaron Lewis representing the Oxleathers A. 

Thank you to Lynda Simpson and Gaz Bryant on officiating the Final and thank you to Kennys Sportsbar on hosting the Final.


Apr 2022
winter league 2021/22 review

Market Promotions Stafford Sunday Pool League


Winter League 2021/22 Review 



Congratulations to Institute TTFD on becoming the league Champions for a 3rd season running

The team won 16 of their 18 matches and won by a healthy 28 points. They were led by captain Rob 'whacker' Wharne, supported by Daz Lightfoot, Jake Cooper @ Gaz Davies(Baker).

Kennys Bear had to settle for the runners up spot and were led by Jim Simpson, Andrew Rawlinson, Gavin Davies & Alan Sim

The Kennys Cue had to settle for 3rd place after being runners up the 3 previous seasons.

The player with the most wins went to Daz Lightfoot (institute TTFD) with 29 wins

The players with the most 8 balls went to 3 players, with 7 x 8 ball clearances, they were Rob Wharne, Daz Lighfoot and Robbie Jenkinson (Rebels)



Winning Promotion and the division two crown went to Institute 8’s. 15 wins out of 16 saw them win comfortably with a 38 point margin. They were led by Mark Billingsley, Russell Britton, Malcom Wharne & Peter Sandhar. 

The Kennys Tap won promotion with Shaun Cooper, Justin Mackereth, Spence Trow, Neil Lambert & Adele Cooper.

Both Kennys Killers and Kennys Underdogs narrowly missed out. 

The player with the most wins went to Mark Billingsley with 29 wins and also picked up the most 8 balls with an impressive 7 clearances.




Winning Promotion and the division three crown went to Waggon & Horses A. They secured the title a week before and had Shane Milleen, C Hatton, S Hunt and Andy Laing as the main players to secure promotion 

The Holmcroft secured the promotion spot and had Juan Coetzee, Ian Nunn, Paul Kennedy, Lee Sturgess and Paul Lazenby.

Both Staffs Bull A and Stars & Stripes Garter narrowly missed out.

The player with the most wins went to Shane Milleen with 26 wins.

The player with the most 8 balls went to C Hatton with 2 clearances. 


Congratulations to all teams that participated during the return of the Sunday League Pool

A few notable records broken was a combined total of 67 x 8 ball cleanses across all 3 divisions.

Aug 2021
annual general meeting

The Sunday Pool League Committee have decided to hold a Annual General Meeting (AGM)

  • Date - Sunday 5th September 2021
  • Venue - Kennys Sportsbar
  • Time - 7:30pm

This Meeting will be slightly different agenda as to previous AGM. Due to what has happened over the last 18 months, some decisions will be have to be made in the best interests of the players, teams and venues.

The main topics for discussion will be as follows

  1. Team Venues - due to closure of venues
  2. Current Teams - from the Winter 2019/20 season
  3. Restarting the suspended season or Starting from scratch
  4. Possible Format change 
  5. Depending on how many teams enter, how many Divisions/Groups.
  6. Date for the league to restart OR start from scratch - Sunday 19th September 2021
  7. Winter league Fees for the league to start from Scratch will be £40 per team - to be paid by No later than Sunday 12th September 2021

This will be then followed by the start of the AGM 

  1. Chairman to read the 2019 AGM minutes
  2. Chairman's Report
  3. League Secretaries Report
  4. League Treasurer's Report
  5. Election of Officers and Committee Members**
  6. Proposed changes**
  7. Constitution Amendments
  8. Any Other Business (AOB)

**amendments and proposed changes to be put in writing and sent to the League Secretary by No Later than Sunday 29th August 2021

Apr 2020
covid-19, singles & doubles ko info


As everyone is aware, we are still in Lockdown with regard to the current Covid-19 pandemic

I appreciate and understand that these are challenging times.

The Season is now suspended indefinitely until we have the green light to continue, especially with the restrictions being lifted with all the pool venues.

This means that there will be NO summer League this year. 

However, we still mean to carry on with the individual knockout competitions. 

Obviously I cannot put a cut off date on when the entries monies are to be paid by.

Also I cannot put the dates on when these competitions will be played.

All I ask is for players who wish to enter the relevant competitions, is to message me via the following channels - Text, WhatsApp, email, messenger or on Facebook.

Payment for the entries can be sorted as soon as the winter league commences

Thank you for your patience and obviously what is more important is the health and well-being of everyone

Staysafe, save lives and stay at home. The sooner we keep to this, the sooner we can get back to playing pool.



To be eligible, players MUST have played in THREE matches during the Winter league season 2019/20

Closing date to register - To be confirmed (this is dependant when the winter 2019/20 season finishes) 

Competitions to be held after the 2019/20 Winter Season



Men’s Singles competition - £2.50 each

Ladies Singles competition - FREE

Scotch Doubles competition - £5.00 per pair

Doubles competition - £4.00 per pair

Seniors Singles competition - £1.50 each

NEW this season - U21 Singles competition - FREE


Thank you for your time 

Dave Whitfield

Mar 2020
coronavirus covid-19

Important announcement

Coronavirus COVID-19

It is with regret we announce that as from now (19 March 2020), the League Committee has unanimously agreed that the Stafford Sunday Pool League will be Suspended for the foreseeable future

Due to the current climate and concerns over the health and well-being, this decision is the correct and safest option.

As EPA affiliated members, all EPA events are suspended until the 30th April.

However we will monitor this situation on a weekly basis and hopefully will get back to playing the game we all love.

Thank you to all members for their patience and we wish everyone good health during what is a very challenging and testing time.

We will be looking at playing the cancelled matches by extending the Winter League season by FOUR weeks. 

This will probably mean that the Summer League will be cancelled. The singles and doubles competitions will be played after the completion of the Winter League. More information will follow over the coming weeks

Stafford Sunday Pool League