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Oct 2019
ladies championship 2019

Play off Groups Results and standings

Played on Sunday 6th October 2019

Venue: Kennys Sportsbar (Groups A & B) Stafford Institute (Group C)


Group A - Results 

I Wood 3-0 A Cooper 

J Genner 0-3 B Brundrett

I Wood 3-1 J Genner, 

A Cooper 3-0 B Brundrett

I Wood 3-0 B Brundrett, 

J Genner 0-3 A Cooper 


Group A - Final Standings 

1. (Q)Irene WOOD          9pts +8

2. (q)Adele COOPER        6pts +3

3. Beckie BRUNDRETT     3pts  -3

4. Joanne GENNER.         0pts  -8


Group B - Results

C Shelley 3-1 C Maslin

C Shelley 3-0 C Marsden-Till

C Marsden-Till 1-3 C Maslin


Group B - Final Standings

1. (Q)Charlotte SHELLEY.       6pts +5

2. (q)Clair MASLIN.                3pts.  0

3. Charlene MARSDEN-TILL       0pts  -5


Group C - Results

T Farmer 3-2 Kirsty Lawrence; 

L Simpson 3-0 T Farmer; 

K Lawrence 2-3 L Simpson


Group C - Final standing 

1. (Q)Lynda SIMPSON     6pts. +4

2. Tasha FARMER.             3pts.  -2

3. Kirsty LAWRENCE.         0pts . -2


Qualifiers for FINALS NIGHT

To be played Sunday 13th October 2019

Venue: Kennys Sportsbar.


Play off for Semi Final

Being played Friday 11th October 2019

8pm Start - Best of FIVE frames

Adele Cooper v Clair Maslin


Semi Final qualifiers

1. Irene Wood

2. Charlotte Shelley

3. Lynda Buster Simpson

4. Winner of above play off


Semi final to commence after the play off match. 

Semi Final Draw to be made at 7:45pm

Oct 2019
doubles knockout 2019

Doubles Knockout FINALS NIGHT


To be played Sunday 13th October 2019

Venue: Kennys Sportsbar 


SCOTCH Doubles

Draw to be made 7:45pm

Start 8:00pm - Scratch 8:15pm


Semi Finalists 

Stopwatch to be used - 60 seconds


1. Kenny Marsden & Luke Booth (Oxleathers B)

2. Jamie Woolley & Paddy Baidwan (St Georges)

3. Jake Cooper & Matty Simpson (Kennys Islanders)

4. Vojin Grujic & Sam Clews (Kennys Kenees)


Semi Finals - best of FIVE frames

FINAL - best of SEVEN frames 




NORMAL Doubles draw

Last 16 Round

Start: 7:00pm - Best of THREE frames

Scratch 7:15pm


Jake Cooper & Matty Simpson (Kennys Islanders)

v Simon Davies & Gary Bryant (Joiners Arms)


Quarter Finals 

Stopwatch to be used - 60 seconds

Start: 7:00pm - Best of FIVE frames

Scratch 7:15pm


Match ONE

Dave Barker & Mike Barker (The Kennys Cue) v

Brendan Ruttledge & Andy Pearcey (Joiners Arms)


Match TWO

Cooper/Simpson OR Davies/Bryant

Straight through to semi finals (walkover v Rawlinson/Brown) 


Semi Final Draw 8:00pm

Start 8:15pm

Semi Finalists

Stopwatch to be used - 60 seconds


1. Rob 'whacker' Wharne & Dave Whitfield (Institute Jaffas/The Kennys Cue)

2. Cooper/Simpson OR Davies/Bryant

3. D Barker/M Barker OR Ruttledge/Pearcey

4. Gavin Davies & Robbie Jenkinson (Kennys Bear/St Georges)


Semi Finals - best of FIVE frames

FINAL - best of SEVEN frames

Sep 2019
annual general meeting

To be held @Kennys Sportsbar, Stafford.

SUNDAY 29th September 2019. 7 30pm Meeting Start

New & Present teams are invited to join the

Market Promotions Stafford Sunday Pool League Winter Season 2019/20.

To enter a team, you are required to participate at this meeting. 

The Winter league Fees are £50 per team and need to be paid on this night.

However, teams that cannot make this date must contact the following League officers -

Lynda Simpson (League Treasurer) 07815 827446

Dave Whitfield (League Secretary) 07895 008392

Kev Brown (League Chairman) 07831 192116

Fees: £50 PER TEAM payable on the night*



 1. Winter League 2018/19 Registration Sign in 6:30pm - 8:00pm.

2. Chairman to read the 2017 AGM minutes

3. Chairman's Report

4. League Secretaries Report

5. League Treasurer's Report

6. Election of Officers and Committee Members**

7. Proposed changes**

8. Constitution Amendments

9. Any Other Business (AOB)


Please note that that Election of Officers and any Proposed Changes MUST be put in writing and sent to the League Secretary by Sunday 15th September 2019.

 Changes CANNOT be made on the night of the meeting.
If any teams are unavailable to attend then please contact any of the league Officers, However this does mean that payment must be made before the Set date


Jul 2019
summer league important information

Summer League 2019


Eligibility on players during the Summer Season Knockout Stages


Teams CANNOT bring new players in during the Knockout stages.

Players from each team MUST have played 33% of group matches to qualify. This equates to THREE matches (NOT frames). 

This rule CANNOT be changed so it is important that all teams MUST be prepared to plan and that they have the eligible players available.


Players / Teams who need more information about this then please contact me via private message please.


Thank you

Jun 2019
winter team knockout finals 2018/19

The Stan Bent Team Knockout Final 

Played Sunday 9th June 2019

@Kennys Sports Bar

Institute Jaffas 4-0 The Kennys Cue 

Jaffas Pool Team

The Kennys Cue Pool Team

The Institute achieved the league and cup double and also going through the entire season unbeaten

The Final was closer than the score line  suggests as both teams tried to get a hold of the match.

Guvvy Gill (Jaffas) cleared well against Martin Priestley after a mistake by the latter to make it 1-0. Up next saw Daz Lighfoot take on 1st div most wins winner Mike Barker and a missed pot by the latter, where it seemed certain to win the frame let Lighfoot back in and he cleared to make it 2-0. Dave Barker was drawn against  Rob 'whacker' Wharne in frame 3 and after breaking, the cueball was left stranded. An attempt to play safe wasn’t safe enough for Wharne, and he duly cleared the table in one visit. Frame four saw Ian Lewis take on Scott Price. Lewis showed some good form and had the first opportunity, but unfortunately he fell short with position on the black and after a failed attempt Price duly took his chance and sealed the winners trophy for the Jaffas running out 4-0 winners

Thank you to Kennys Sportsbar on hosting the event. Also thank you to both Shaun Cooper and Kevin Brown on refereeing the Final


Winter Team Subsidiary Knockout Final

Played Sunday 9th June 2019

@Hop Pole

Metro Bar 4-1 Kennys Tap

Metro Bar from Division Two claimed the Subsidiary Team Knockout after a comfortable 4-1 win over 1st division Kennys Tap. 

Wins for Steve McGann (2), Gaz Nicklin and Paul Leadbetter gave the Metro Bar a fine end to the season after only avoiding relegation from the 2nd division a couple weeks earlier. Dave Williams was the other player to make up the successful four man team.

The sole reply form the Tap was Neil Dale. Adam Lilburne, Bin Sadhra, Spencer Trow and Dave Richardson were the other team members who helped the Tap reach the Final. 

Thank you to the Hop Pole for hosting the Final and also to Gaz Bryant for refereeing the Final. 

Jun 2019
scotch doubles rules

Scotch Doubles RULES


All players who are playing in the Scotch Doubles Competition (1st & 2nd Round to be played Sunday 30th June 2019) must read the following rules please


1. The Break

a. Toss of coin will determine alternate breaks frames 1&2. If the match goes to a deciding 3rd frame, then toss of coin will again decide who breaks. (Normally the call is to the opposite player of who called in he 1st frame)


b. When breaking, a player who pots a ball legally. can consult with their partner to decide which nominated ball they wish to play. THIS IS THE ONLY TIME PLAYERS CAN DISCUSS THEIR SHOT during a visit.


c. Throughout a visit, there must be no coaching and no talking between the players at the table. The player can only ask the referee for rule enquiries only. Players who break these rules will be served a “serious foul” which will result in loss of frame. 


Can all players at the venues please share the refereeing duties and play within the spirit of the game. 

The winning doubles are to send the complete results to the league secretary - Dave Whitfield

This can be done via text, WhatsApp, Messenger or Facebook. 


Thank you and good luck to all players.

Jun 2019
winter team knockout finals

Winter Team Knockout Finals 2018/19


Stan Bent Team Knockout Final

To be played Sunday 9th June 2019


Venue - Kennys Sportsbar



The Final this season is between the two sides who finished in the Top 2 of the first division.

The league champions Institute are looking to go through the whole season unbeaten as they take on runners up Kennys Cue. 

It’s the first final for the Institute who have Rob Wharne, Scott Price, Daz Lighfoot (incl an 8 ball), Gaz Davies seeing them through with 4-1 win in their semi final win over St Georges.

It’s The Kennys Cue 8th Stan Bent Final winning it on 5 occasions. Dave Whitfield, Martin Priestley (incl an 8 ball), Ian Lewis, Dave and Mike Barker running out comfortable 4-0 winners over 2nd division Kennys Killers in their semi Final. 


Winter Subsidiary Team Knockout Final

To be played Sunday 9th June 2019


Venue - Hop Pole



This years Final sees two sides playing for silverware in the Sub Team Knockout Final. 

The Kennys Tap have endured a tough season and were relegated back to the 2nd division after winning promotion last season. Bin Sadhra, Neil Dale, Spence Trow, Will Edge and Adam Lilburne saw them through with a hard fought 4-2 win over the Metro Bar A.

The Metro Bar escaped relegation with a win on the final game of the season.

Gary Nicklin (incl an 8 ball), Paul Leadbetter, Steve McGann, Dave Williams and Tim McGann saw them also come through a tough 4-1 win over Rangers Club

Jun 2019
summer league 2019



Fixtures for 16th June 2019



Grapes Escape v Luckpenny 

Princess Royal B v Oxleathers B

Institute Jaffas v Kennys Titans 



Oxleathers A v Rangers Club 

Kennys Killers v Grapes Vine

The Kennys Cue have a Free Week



Star & Stripes Garter v Institute SC

Red Rum v Kennys Bear

Kennys Islanders has a Free Week



St Georges v Princess Royal A

Joiners Arms v Kennys 8’s

Metro Bar has a Free Week 



Hop Pole C v Hop Pole D

Highfields Club v Metro Bar A

Kennys Knees has a Free Week


All fixture sheets and scorecards will be at the respective venues next week. 

The website will also be updated very soon

Apr 2019
summer league 2019

All New & Existing teams are invited to enter the forthcoming Summer League Season 2019

The Format will be determined by How many teams enter

Groups will be mixed with ALL 1st, 2nd, 3rd and new teams drawn into groups

1st Division teams from the Winter League 2018/19 season will be seeded.


REGISTRATION DATE for signing in is - SUNDAY 19th MAY 2019

Venue - KENNYS SPORTSBAR          Time - 6:30pm till 8:00pm

Entry Fee - £30.00 per team


Teams can pay BEFORE the signing in date

Those Teams to send the Fees to any of the League Officers

Ms Simpson, Mr D Whitfield & Mr K Brown


It is anticipated that the Summer League will start Sunday 16th June 2019 

Apr 2019
singles & scotch doubles 2019

To be eligible to enter this years competition, Those players must have played in THREE matches during the Winter league season 2018/19.

Closing date for registering to enter is - Sunday 19th May 2019

Venue - Kennys Sportsbar

Players can pay BEFORE the registration date


Oct 2018
ladies champion 2018

Congratulations to Irene Wood (Kennys Islanders) on becoming the Stafford Sunday Pool League Ladies champion “Pippa Steele Trophy” for the 4th time in a row. 


  She saw off the challenge of Kirsty Lawrence (GPO B)4-0 in the Final, where the match was a lot closer than the score line suggests. However the experience of Irene at county level for Staffs showed. Kirsty was in her first Final and is the only Female to have beaten Irene in the last 4 years (in a group game last year)


  In the Semi Finals Irene ran out a 3-0 winner over Shropshire County player Clair Maslin (Kennys 8’s) and Kirsty defeated West Mids County player Lynda Simpson (Kennys Titans) 3-1. 


  Earlier Kirsty had to come through a 3 Ladies group play off against Adele Cooper (Highfields B)& Hazel Sanders (Star & Stripes) winning both matches 2-0 and 2-1. 


  Thank you to Peter Sandhar for refereeing the Final and thank you to Kennys for hosting the event. 


List of Ladies winner

2018 Irene Wood

2017 Irene Wood 

2016 Irene Wood

2015 Irene Wood

2014 Charlotte Shelley

2013 Charlotte Shelley 

2012 Lynda Simpson

2011 Charlotte Shelley 


Well done also to all ladies who took part in this years ladies competition.

Oct 2018
singles finals night

Report to follow...

Oct 2018
summer league ko final

Report to follow...

Oct 2018
summer plate ko final

Report to follow...

Oct 2018
summer sub-plate ko final

Report to follow...