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Current Sunday Playing Rules

international rules

International Rules were voted in at the 2023 AGM and have been adopted across the Sunday Pool League from the 2023/24 Winter League season onwards.

International Rules were adopted by the English Pool Association on 1st January 2023 as the playing rules for use in all nationally organised events.

The Rules page on the EPA website contains many documents to help explain the new ruleset, including a quick start guide, useful pictures, booklets and posters etc.

There is also a 45 second Stop Clock on the EPA website for timed matches.

Players who have any queries regarding these rule changes should contact the League Secretary for clarification.

result card

The result card format for league matches is alternate break (4 breaks per side) with a set order for the second half. Half-time substitutions can still be made. A coin should be tossed at the start of each match to decide which team breaks first. The order of play in the two halves is illustrated below.

Home Team   Away Team
Player 1  v  Player 1
Player 2  v  Player 2
Player 3  v  Player 3
Player 4  v  Player 4
Player 3  v  Player 1
Player 2  v  Player 4
Player 1  v  Player 3
Player 4  v  Player 2