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2021-22 Winter League Division 3 Averages

 Player Team Frames
1Lowe, JonathanKENNYS 8's821080.000
2Milleen, ShaneWAGGON & HORSES A71887.500
3Eaton, DaleRED RUM731070.000
4Lawrence, KirstyGPO CLUB B731070.000
5Nunn, IanHOLMCROFT606100.000
6Simpson, LyndaSTAFFS BULL A606100.000
7Machin, MikeSTAFFS BULL A62875.000
8P, KevGRAPES ESCAPE51683.330
9Bentley, SteveKENNYS ALLSORTS53862.500
10Heath, JamesGPO CLUB B53862.500
11Hunt, SWAGGON & HORSES A53862.500
12Meeley, DarrenSTAFFS BULL A53862.500
13Daly, KevHOLMCROFT404100.000
14Batkin, DannySTARS & STRIPES GART41580.000
15Lycett, BobSTARS & STRIPES GART41580.000
16McKay, NeilSTAFFS BULL A42666.670
17Sheriff, EthanKENNYS 8's43757.140
18Wallbank, JohnSTARS & STRIPES GART43757.140
19Coetze, JuanHOLMCROFT44850.000
20Laing, AndyWAGGON & HORSES A44850.000
21Lazenby, PaulHOLMCROFT44850.000
22Vernon, TomKENNYS 8's44850.000
23Balding, RickyGPO CLUB B461040.000
24Bryant, JaimeGPO CLUB B461040.000
25Pritchard, CliveSTAFFS BULL A31475.000
26Glass, DannySTARS & STRIPES GART32560.000
27Batkin, WayneSTARS & STRIPES GART33650.000
28Brooker, PaulRED RUM33650.000
29Scott-Mullen, NathanKENNYS ALLSORTS33650.000
30Maslin, ClairKENNYS 8's34742.860
31Dainty, BWAGGON & HORSES A202100.000
32Foulkes, PaulWAGGON & HORSES A202100.000
33Murphy, LesSTARS & STRIPES GART21366.670
34Cox, TimRED RUM23540.000
35Jones, AndrewKENNYS 8's24633.330
36Kennedy, PaulHOLMCROFT24633.330
37Marcinski, DanGRAPES ESCAPE281020.000
38Dawson, PaulKENNYS 8's11250.000
39Guy, CraigWAGGON & HORSES A11250.000
40Lainton, JohnGPO CLUB B11250.000

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