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2011 Summer League Group D Averages

 Player Team Frames
1Shaw, MarkOXLEATHERS A1451973.680
2Baidwan, PaddyTAP n SPILE1331681.250
3Challinor, MikeOXLEATHERS A1341776.470
4Holland, GOXLEATHERS A1372065.000
5Loughhead, PaulBEAR & PHEASANT B1261866.671
6Nolan, ChrisOXLEATHERS B1261866.670
7O'Brien, AntBEAR & PHEASANT B1271963.160
8Woolley, JamieTAP n SPILE1131478.570
9Moore, KevOXLEATHERS B1171861.110
10Lucas, SeanBEAR & PHEASANT B1031376.920
11Fisher, PHOP POLE B951464.290
12LeMaistre, BenBEAR & PHEASANT B731070.000
13Sargeant, TimOXLEATHERS B741163.640
14Calvert, SeanTAP n SPILE751258.330
15Daniels, JohnTAP n SPILE771450.000
16Davies, RichBEAR & PHEASANT B651154.550
17Genner, KevinOXLEATHERS B691540.000
18Dickson, SimonHOP POLE B6101637.500
19Heath, BenRICKERSCOTE B6101637.500
20Dickson, SteveHOP POLE B551050.000
21Wilson, CarlOXLEATHERS A581338.460
22Bolton, JohnRICKERSCOTE B5101533.330
23Lawrence, KirstyRICKERSCOTE B4121625.000
24Heywood, DanOXLEATHERS A33650.000
25Haynes, DannyOXLEATHERS B35837.500
26Wilson, SHOP POLE B391225.000
27Brown, BarryRICKERSCOTE B3131618.750
28Brundrett, BeckieHOP POLE B24633.330
29Bull, CraigBEAR & PHEASANT B24633.330
30Hawkins, MBEAR & PHEASANT B101100.000
31Bent, AndyBEAR & PHEASANT B11250.000
32Pasquille, SteveTAP n SPILE11250.000
33Dickson, MichelleHOP POLE B12333.330
34Smith, IanTAP n SPILE12333.330
35Dickson, JayHOP POLE B17812.500
36Barnes, SimonTAP n SPILE0110.000
37Hayward, DOXLEATHERS A0110.000
38Pennock, LeeOXLEATHERS A0110.000
39Stanyer, TARICKERSCOTE B0110.000
40Begg, HelenTAP n SPILE0220.000

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