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2013 Summer League Group B Averages

 Player Team Frames
1Lenton, NickKENNYS POTTERS1732085.000
2Bryant, GazJOINERS ARMS1631984.210
3Davies, SimonJOINERS ARMS1631984.210
4Bradbury, MarkFOUR CROSSES1552075.000
5Hardy, StuartKENNYS POTTERS1451973.680
6Blair, KFOUR CROSSES1462070.000
7Clarke, DannyFOUR CROSSES1311492.860
8Holmes, JamesJOINERS ARMS1221485.710
9Maslin, ClairKENNYS POTTERS1261866.670
10Kennedy, JBEAR & PHEASANT A1131478.570
11Pibworth, RussKENNYS POTTERS1151668.750
12Devlin, JamesFOUR CROSSES1051566.670
13Martin, DBEAR & PHEASANT A951464.290
14Sadhra, BinJOINERS ARMS951464.290
15Marcinski, DanBEAR & PHEASANT A771450.000
16Gaul, MartinFOUR CROSSES61785.710
17Grice, RBEAR & PHEASANT A53862.500
18Sproston, KristianSTAFFS BULL A53862.500
19Love, MattSTAFFS BULL A591435.710
20Pearcey, AndyJOINERS ARMS42666.670
21Mansfield, PSTAFFS BULL A461040.000
22Carter jnr, John.AFOUR CROSSES31475.000
23Calvert, JSTAFFS BULL A33650.000
24Farmer, AndySTAFFS BULL A33650.000
25Skelton, StuartKENNYS POTTERS34742.860
26Farmer, DanBEAR & PHEASANT A202100.000
27Kearney, PaulJOINERS ARMS202100.000
28Shanley, ABEAR & PHEASANT A202100.000
29Stark, DBEAR & PHEASANT A202100.000
30Sproston, PSTAFFS BULL A22450.000
31Teece, TimJOINERS ARMS101100.000
32Carter, JimmySTAFFS BULL A11250.000
33Sproston, CSTAFFS BULL A13425.000
34Viggar, PhilJOINERS ARMS0110.000
35Doran, GlenSTAFFS BULL A0220.000
36Holmes, DaveJOINERS ARMS0220.000
37Lanes, NigelJOINERS ARMS0220.000
38Smith, StevenBEAR & PHEASANT A0220.000
39Southall, JBEAR & PHEASANT A0220.000
40Yates, TBEAR & PHEASANT A0220.000

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