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2013-14 Winter League Division 2 Averages

 Player Team Frames
1Brown, RoyMETRO BAR A3273982.050
2Lewis, KevHOP POLE B3183979.490
3Shaw, MarkHOP POLE E26103672.220
4Lycett, BobRADFORD REJECTS25154062.500
5Hollowood, MarkJOINERS REBELS24123666.670
6Rose, DaveHIGHFIELDS CLUB24123666.671
7Lenton, NickKENNYS POTTERS24133764.860
8Pibworth, RussKENNYS POTTERS24153961.540
9Nunn, GrahamHOP POLE B24164060.000
10Goodwin, DanSTAFFS BULL B23153860.530
11Jenkins, CraigJOINERS REBELS23153860.531
12Morris, GazSTAFFS BULL B23153860.530
13Simpson, MattyHIGHFIELDS CLUB22113366.670
14Ashton, DaveMETRO BAR A22153759.461
15Farrow, AlanMETRO BAR A22163857.890
16Nicklin, GazMETRO BAR22163857.890
17Hardy, StuartKENNYS POTTERS19143357.580
18Carter, JimmySTAFFS BULL B19193850.001
19Hibbs, DanHOP POLE D19193850.000
20Lewis, AaronHOP POLE B19193850.000
21Palin, AndyMETRO BAR A18153354.550
22Sandhar, PeterMETRO BAR16183447.060
23Bradshaw, MattMETRO BAR16193545.710
24Guy, CraigHOP POLE D16223842.110
25Edensor, ColinJOINERS REBELS16244040.000
26Marley, DerekHOP POLE D15193444.120
27Pennock, LeeHOP POLE E15203542.860
28Maslin, ClairKENNYS POTTERS15223740.540
29Marshall, John LeeHOP POLE E14122653.850
30Charlesworth, ChrisLUCKPENNY14223638.890
31Clarke, JennyHOP POLE D14223638.890
32Simpson, LyndaLUCKPENNY14223638.890
33Wallbank, JohnRADFORD REJECTS14243836.840
34Lowe, JonathanHOP POLE E13162944.830
35Bennet, PaulSTAFFS BULL B13223537.140
36Jackson, AdamHIGHFIELDS CLUB13223537.140
37Lanes, NigelJOINERS REBELS13233636.110
38Laing, AndyMETRO BAR12122450.000
39Heath, JamesHOP POLE B12132548.000
40Smith, DeanHOP POLE E12142646.150

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