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2014-15 Winter League Division 2 Averages

 Player Team Frames
1Shaw, MarkHOP POLE E2793675.001
2Hardy, StuartKENNYS POTTERS25113669.440
3Collins, LiamSTAR & GARTER A24103470.590
4Sandhar, PeterMETRO BAR22103268.750
5Gilman, TomSTAR & GARTER A22143661.110
6Marley, DerekHOP POLE D2193070.001
7Lenton, NickKENNYS POTTERS21153658.330
8Morris, GazSTAFFS BULL B20123262.500
9Shelley, CharlotteKENNYS WSR20143458.820
10Rose, DaveHIGHFIELDS CLUB19123161.290
11Perry, SaulSTAR & GARTER A19173652.780
12Rose, ChrisHIGHFIELDS CLUB18163452.940
13Lowe, JonathanHOP POLE E17102762.960
14Crossley, BenMETRO BAR17143154.840
15Lycett, BobRADFORD REJECTS17163351.520
16Maslin, ClairKENNYS POTTERS17193647.220
17Simpson, MattyHIGHFIELDS CLUB16112759.260
18Nicklin, GazMETRO BAR16163250.001
19Guy, CraigHOP POLE D16203644.440
20Hibbs, DanHOP POLE D16203644.440
21Murphy, LesRADFORD REJECTS16203644.440
22Cooper, ShaunKENNYS WSR15193444.121
23Wilson, SteveHOP POLE E14163046.670
24Jackson, AdamHIGHFIELDS CLUB14193342.420
25Clark, ChrisKENNYS WSR1392259.090
26Goodwin, DanSTAFFS BULL B13102356.520
27Hollowood, MarkJOINERS REBELS13102356.520
28Davies, RichKENNYS WSR13122552.000
29Jenkins, CraigJOINERS REBELS13183141.940
30Clarke, JennyHOP POLE D13233636.110
31Smith, DaveMETRO BAR1251770.590
32Baker, DaveHOP POLE E1292157.140
33Carter, JimmySTAFFS BULL B1292157.140
34Lilburne, AdamSTAFFS BULL B12193138.710
35Pibworth, RussKENNYS POTTERS12223435.291
36Marshall, John LeeHOP POLE E10132343.480
37Wallbank, JohnRADFORD REJECTS10233330.300
38Bent, AndySTAR & GARTER A921181.820
39Young, MickSTAFFS BULL B9101947.370
40Pemberton, GaryJOINERS REBELS9122142.860

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