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2015 Summer League Groups Averages

 Player Team Frames
1Barker, MikePERKINS CUE2422692.312
2Farrow, AlanMETRO BAR A2312495.830
3Sim, AlanPERKINS CUE2052580.000
4Sheerin, MarkGPO CLUB A2062676.920
5Tonna, TomPERKINS Z2062676.920
6Gray, ChrisKENNYS TOOLZ2082871.430
7Hughes, GazPRINCESS ROYAL B2082871.432
8Simpson, JimKENNYS BEAR1932286.361
9Marley, DerekHOP POLE D1952479.170
10Shaw, MarkHOP POLE E1952479.170
11Barker, DavePERKINS CUE1972673.080
12Lewis, KevHOP POLE B1992867.860
13Crossley, BenKENNYS DRAGONS1811994.740
14Harrington, LeePRINCESS ROYAL B1832185.711
15Wood, IreneKENNYS DRAGONS1842281.820
16Woolley, JamieST. GEORGES1862475.001
17Lewis, AaronHOP POLE B18102864.290
18Ruttledge, BrendonJOINERS ARMS1732085.000
19Mason, AlanHOP POLE C1742180.951
20Jesney, WarrenKENNYS DRAGONS1752277.271
21Nicklin, GazMETRO BAR1782568.000
22Ashton, DaveMETRO BAR A1792665.380
23Wilson, SteveHOP POLE E1652176.190
24Willets, DarrenHOP POLE B1662272.730
25Lainton, JohnGPO CLUB B1672369.570
26Ferguson, MickST. GEORGES A1682466.670
27Palin, AndyMETRO BAR A1682466.670
28Pibworth, RussKENNYS POTTERS1682466.670
29Simpson, MattyHIGHFIELDS CLUB1682466.670
30Whitfield, DavePERKINS CUE16102661.541
31Rawlinson, AndyKENNYS BEAR1531883.330
32Bryant, GazJOINERS ARMS1552075.000
33Gilman, TomSTAR & GARTER A1552075.000
34Key, SimonHOP POLE C1552075.000
35Addison, MickHOP POLE C1572268.180
36Baidwan, PaddyST. GEORGES15112657.690
37Hibbs, DanHOP POLE D15132853.570
38Davies, GavinKENNYS BEAR1441877.782
39Heath, BenGPO CLUB B1462070.000
40Edge, WillGPO CLUB A1472166.670

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