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2015-16 Winter League Division 3 Averages

 Player Team Frames
1Mitchell, MarkKENNYS TOOLZ27113871.051
2Gray, ChrisKENNYS TOOLZ26113770.271
3Murphy, LesLEGIONS LIONS26113770.270
4Williams, Dave MPERKINS A26144065.000
5Vernon, TomPERKINS A25103571.431
6Sadhra, BinTAP n SPILE A25113669.440
7Lycett, BobLEGIONS LIONS25133865.790
8Mantle, JoeKENNYS TITANS23153860.530
9Lawrence, KirstyGPO CLUB B2262878.570
10Wilson, CarlOXLEATHERS2293170.970
11Cartwright, CraigTAP n SPILE A22163857.890
12Lowndes, SteveOXLEATHERS2193070.000
13Wallbank, JohnLEGIONS LIONS21143560.000
14Hudson, JamesTAP n SPILE21153658.330
15Lainton, JohnGPO CLUB B19102965.520
16Barter, BMORRIS MAN19113063.330
17Hassall, PeteKENNYS TOOLZ19153455.880
18Carnell, WayneOXLEATHERS19163554.290
19Tuxford, PeteSTAFFS BULL A19193850.000
20Bradshaw, MattGPO CLUB B1882669.230
21Pask, GordonOXLEATHERS18112962.070
22Lilburne, AdamTAP n SPILE A17193647.220
23Parton, ScottTAP n SPILE17193647.220
24Simpson, LyndaKENNYS TITANS17203745.950
25Byrne, MartinTAP n SPILE16193545.710
26Charlesworth, LewisKENNYS TITANS16203644.440
27Heath, BenGPO CLUB B15102560.000
28Charlesworth, ChrisKENNYS TITANS15163148.390
29Street, DaveSTAFFS BULL A15173246.880
30Young, MickSTAFFS BULL A14152948.280
31Balding, RickyGPO CLUB B1392259.090
32Blurton, ChrisPERKINS A13263933.330
33Harter, ChrisSTAFFS BULL A1282060.000
34Hollinshead, IanTAP n SPILE A1171861.110
35Brown, BarryGPO CLUB B11112250.000
36Brough, HazelLEGIONS LIONS11172839.290
37Brundrett, BeckieMORRIS MAN11223333.330
38Songhurst, AnthonyMORRIS MAN10172737.040
39Marsden-Till, CharleneMORRIS MAN10182835.710
40Sadhra, PavTAP n SPILE A10192934.480

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