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2016 Summer League Group A Averages

 Player Team Frames
1Wharne, RobINSTITUTE SC18018100.002
2Billingsley, MarkINSTITUTE SC1732085.000
3Britton, RussINSTITUTE SC1732085.000
4Pountney, DazINSTITUTE SC1441877.780
5Barker, MikeTHE KENNYS CUE1451973.680
6Whitfield, DaveTHE KENNYS CUE1451973.681
7Barker, DaveTHE KENNYS CUE1361968.421
8Lewis, IanTHE KENNYS CUE1051566.670
9Weaver, NickKENNYS TOOLZ951464.290
10Hughes, ChrisMETRO BAR851361.540
11Atkin, AaronMETRO BAR861457.140
12Leadbeater, PaulMETRO BAR871553.330
13Nicklin, GazMETRO BAR881650.000
14Gray, ChrisKENNYS TOOLZ8122040.000
15Tinsley, StevenMETRO BAR751258.330
16Mitchell, MarkKENNYS TOOLZ791643.750
17Hassall, PeteKENNYS TOOLZ7132035.000
18Carter, JimmySTAFFS BULL A63966.670
19Lythgoe, KieranKINGS OF KENNYS6101637.500
20Carter snr, JohnSTAFFS BULL A5101533.330
21Young, MickSTAFFS BULL A5121729.410
22Sim, AlanINSTITUTE SC404100.000
23Farmer, TashaMETRO BAR461040.000
24Priestley, MartinTHE KENNYS CUE33650.000
25Masters, RobKENNYS TOOLZ35837.500
26Street, DaveSTAFFS BULL A36933.330
27Carter jnr, John.ASTAFFS BULL A391225.000
28Khan, KamranKINGS OF KENNYS3121520.000
29Harvey, MichaelKINGS OF KENNYS3172015.000
30Collins, LiamTHE KENNYS CUE11250.000
31Elliott, DanielleKENNYS TOOLZ11250.000
32Machin, SSTAFFS BULL A11250.000
33Newton, AdamSTAFFS BULL A12333.330
34Timmis, SeanKINGS OF KENNYS119205.000
35Parsons, GarethSTAFFS BULL A0110.000
36Birkett, AshleySTAFFS BULL A0220.000
37Mottram, JSTAFFS BULL A0220.000
38Harvey, LindaKINGS OF KENNYS0440.000
39Farnley, AlexKINGS OF KENNYS0550.000

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