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2016-17 Winter League Division 2 Averages

 Player Team Frames
1Billingsley, MarkINSTITUTE SC3954488.644
2Wharne, RobINSTITUTE SC3734092.508
3Sim, AlanINSTITUTE SC33114475.003
4Lewis, KevHIGHFIELDS CLUB B31114273.810
5Rose, DaveHIGHFIELDS CLUB A31134470.450
6Smith, DeanSTAR & GARTER B29134269.050
7Atkin, AaronMETRO BAR27144165.850
8Hibbs, DanHOP POLE D26184459.090
9Hardy, StuartKENNYS KILLERS25184358.141
10Lewis, AaronHIGHFIELDS CLUB B25184358.140
11Saunders, JoshPRINCESS ROYAL A25184358.140
12Challinor, MikeHIGHFIELDS CLUB B25194456.820
13Lainton, JohnGPO CLUB B24164060.000
14Nolan, ChrisSTAR & GARTER B24174158.540
15Marley, DerekHOP POLE D24184257.140
16Britton, RussINSTITUTE SC23153860.531
17Skelton, StuartKENNYS KILLERS23204353.490
18Harrington, LeePRINCESS ROYAL B2262878.571
19Simpson, MattyHIGHFIELDS CLUB A22143661.111
20Meeley, DarrenKENNYS TOOLZ22194153.660
21Mitchell, MarkKENNYS TOOLZ22224450.000
22Hughes, GazPRINCESS ROYAL B21234447.731
23Cooper, JakeHIGHFIELDS CLUB A2082871.430
24Heath, BenGPO CLUB B20224247.620
25Lenton, NickKENNYS KILLERS20244445.450
26Phillips, MarkHIGHFIELDS CLUB A19143357.580
27Nicklin, GazMETRO BAR18224045.000
28Guy, CraigHOP POLE D18244242.860
29Pask, GordonOXLEATHERS18244242.860
30Watson, LiamHOP POLE D17213844.740
31Haynes, DannyKENNYS TOOLZ16112759.261
32Genner, KevinSTAR & GARTER B15153050.000
33Gray, ChrisKENNYS TOOLZ15193444.120
34Steadman, ChrisPRINCESS ROYAL A15223740.540
35Lawrence, KirstyGPO CLUB B15264136.590
36Tonna, TomPRINCESS ROYAL A1431782.350
37Crosby, JamiePRINCESS ROYAL A14264035.000
38Leadbeater, PaulMETRO BAR13243735.140
39Hassall, PeteKENNYS TOOLZ1251770.590
40Hughes, ChrisMETRO BAR1292157.140

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