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2017 Summer League Groups Averages

 Player Team Frames
1Lewis, AaronOXLEATHERS A1732085.000
2Baidwan, PaddyST. GEORGES1521788.241
3Rose, ChrisKINGS HORSE1541978.950
4Jenkinson, RobbieST. GEORGES1552075.001
5Shaw, MarkOXLEATHERS A1552075.000
6Barker, MikeTHE KENNYS CUE1411593.330
7Barker, DaveTHE KENNYS CUE1421687.503
8Eastwood, GilesKENNYS BEAR1421687.500
9Cooper, JakeHIGHFIELDS CLUB A1462070.000
10Willets, DarrenOXLEATHERS A1462070.000
11Key, SimonHOP POLE C1321586.671
12Alldiss, PhilGPO CLUB A1331681.250
13Cooper, AdeleHIGHFIELDS CLUB A1341776.470
14Woolley, JamieST. GEORGES1351872.221
15Baker, GazINSTITUTE SC1221485.711
16Addison, MickHOP POLE C1231580.001
17Bryant, MickGPO CLUB A1231580.000
18Lewis, KevOXLEATHERS A1282060.000
19Davies, GavinKENNYS BEAR1111291.671
20Mason, AlanHOP POLE C1111291.670
21Sheerin, MarkGPO CLUB A1121384.620
22Rawlinson, AndyKENNYS BEAR1131478.572
23Guy, CraigHOP POLE D1151668.750
24Simpson, JimKENNYS BEAR1151668.750
25Daniels, JohnST. GEORGES1161764.711
26Sunderland, DuncanHOP POLE C1011190.910
27Britton, RussINSTITUTE SC1021283.330
28Davies, RichKENNYS1041471.431
29Harrington, LeePRINCESS ROYAL B1041471.430
30Sim, AlanINSTITUTE SC1041471.430
31Tonna, TomTAP n SPILE1041471.430
32Atkin, AaronMETRO BAR1061662.500
33Hibbs, DanHOP POLE D1061662.500
34Hughes, GazPRINCESS ROYAL B1061662.500
35Lambert, NeilKINGS HORSE10102050.000
36Brown, RoyMETRO BAR A921181.820
37Loughhead, PaulJOINERS ARMS931275.000
38Davies, SimonJOINERS ARMS941369.231
39Phillips, MarkHIGHFIELDS CLUB A941369.230
40Jesney, WarrenMETRO BAR A951464.290

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