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2015 Singles Knockout

RoundDate TimeBest of
Last 6420th September 20158.00pm3
Last 3220th September 20159.00pm3
Last 164th October 20158.00pm5
Quarter Finals18th October 20157.30pm5
Semi Finals18th October 20158.30pm7
Final18th October 20159.00pm9

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Knockout Draw Sheet

Oct 2015
singles finals night

Played on Sunday 18th October 2015

Venue - Kennys Sportsbar

QUARTER FINAL Results. Best of FIVE Frames

Table ONE.  Referee - Tom Vernon.  Timekeeper - Chris Broomhall.

Robbie Jenkinson (Kennys Dragons) 3-1 Dave Ashton (Metro Bar A)

Table TWO.  Referee - Kev Brown.  Timekeeper - Peter Sandhar.

Mike Barker (Perkins Cue) 1-3 Gavin Davies (Kennys Bear) 

Table THREE.  Referee - Shaun Cooper.  Timekeeper - Ben Crossley

Rob Wharne (St. Georges) 3-0 Dave Barker (Perkins Cue) 

Table FOUR.  Referee - Dave Whitfield.  Timekeeper - Jim Simpson.

Andy Rawlinson (Kennys Bear) 3-2 Alan Mason (Hop Pole C)

Rob Wharne reached his 6th consecutive Semi Final after seeing off former team mate Dave Barker against whom he has played in each of the last 5 years (SF 2011,12, RU 2013 & L16 2014). He ran out a 3-0 winner but the match was closer then the scoreline suggests.

Gavin Davies was drawn against Mike Barker and this was a close match with both players having good chances to win. But Barker unfortunately fouled in frames 3 & 4 at crucial times and Davies took his chance to win 3-1 and book his semi final place for the 2nd year in a row.

Robbie Jenkinson maing his 1st QF appearance took on the experienced Dave Ashton and this proved to be a closely fought battle as both players had good chances to progress further. It was Jenkinson who just had enough to see off the challenge of Ashton and eventually ran out 3-1 winner

Andy Rawlinson won through to the Semi Final with a hard fought and close battle against Alan Mason. The match ebbed and flowed with Rawlinson winning the 1st frame and then Mason winning the next 2. However it went to a decider and Mason had a great chance but rattled the black in the corner and a great double by Rawlinson saw him pot an easy black to reach his first Semi Final since 2008 which he won.

SEMI FINAL Results. Best of SEVEN Frames

Table THREE.  Referee - Dave Barker.  Timekeeper - Shaun Cooper.

Robbie Jenkinson 4-1 Gavin Davies

Table TWO.  Referee - Jason Armishaw.  Timekeeper - Neil Addison

Andy Rawlinson 1-4 Rob Wharne

 Robbie Jenkinson reached his first Singles Final with a 4-1 win over Gavin Davies. The match started with a few nerves but Jenkinson settled alot quicker as he raced into a 2-0 lead with some fine potting. Davies did pull one back, pouncing on a mistake by his opponent to mae it 2-1 but this didnt deter Jenkinson from his gameplan. Jenkinson closed out the match to secure his final place.

 England International Rob Wharne took on the challenge of winter League average winner 2014/15 Andy Rawlinson. This promised to be a tight tussle between these fellow County players as both players displayed a cautious approach to their game. It was Wharne who too the first frame after a fine clearance but Rawlinson immeadiately hit back by taking the 2nd frame. However Wharne started to get a stranglehold of the match and was finding his potting form which saw him win the next three frames and so book his place in the final.

FINAL Result. Best of NINE Frames

Table FOUR.  Referee - Dave Whitfield.  Timekeeper - Shaun Cooper.

ROB WHARNE 5-1 Robbie Jenkinson

Rob Wharne was going for his 6th title in a row whereas Robbie Jenkinson was playing his first final. This was a final watched by a good size crowd with both players determined to get off to a good start. In the 1st frame it was Wharne who broke but left it dry. Jenkinson seized the chance and cleared the table to record a fine 'dish' to go 1-0 up.

However, this seemed to set off Jenkinson's nerves as he struggled to maintain that form as Wharne started to come into the match with some fine tactical play and then fine potting. The match started to slip away from Jenkinson's grasp as Wharne ran off 4 frames in a row in no time. The 6th frame was a close affair as both players traded tactical shots and it was Jenkinson who had a great chance but, unfortunately, after potting a fine red into the corner, he caught the black and it went straight into the middle pocket to hand Rob Wharne his 6th title.

It was a shame the match ended this way but there was no denying that Wharne performed to the standard everyone is accustomed to seeing. A fine performance and a great achievement to make it 6 titles in a row and also become the most successful Singles champion in the history of Stafford Sunday Pool.

A great Finals night and a big thanks to all the people that officiated on the night and also to Kennys Sportsbar for their hospitality. Also great to see a good turnout from all the league players who attended this event.

Oct 2015
ladies singles knockout

Played on Sunday 11th October 2015

Venue - Kennys Sportsbar

EIGHT players entered the Competition to determine the Sunday Pool League Ladies Champion. Two Groups of Four was drawn with the top two to be drawn against each other in the Semi Final.

GROUP A Final standings

Player  P  W  L  F  A Pts
CHARLOTTE SHELLEY   3  3  0  9  1  9
KIRSTY LAWRENCE  3  2  1  7  5  6
Charlene Marsden-Till  3  1  2  5  7  3
Becky Brundrett  3  0  3  1  9  0

Results - Brundrette 0-3 Lawrence; Shelley 3-0 Marsden-Till; Brundrette 0-3 Shelley;

              Marsden-Till 2-3 Lawrence; Brundrette 1-3 Marsden-Till; Shelley 3-1 Lawrence

GROUP B Final standings

Player  P  W  L  F  A Pts
IRENE WOOD                3   3  0  9  0  9
LYNDA SIMPSON  3   2  1  6  5  6
Clair Maslin  3   1  2  5  7  3
Jennie Clarke  3   0  3  1  9  0

Results - Wood 3-0 Maslin; Simpson 3-0 Clarke; Wood 3-0 Simpson;

              Maslin 3-1 Clarke; Wood 3-0 Clarke; Maslin 2-3 Simpson 


CHARLOTTE SHELLEY 3-1 Lynda Simpson - Table TWO

IRENE WOOD 3-1 Kirsty Lawrence - Table TWO

The Semi Final saw the top two from each group paired against each other. Charlotte Shelley reached her 4th Final in five years (winner in 2011, 2013 & 2014) with a hard fought 3-1 win over Lynda Simpson (winner in 2012). In the other Semi Final debutant Irene Wood was showing some fine form and saw off the challenge of Kirsty Lawrence who was in her 3rd Semi Final with a 3-1 victory and so book her place in the Final. 

FINAL Result

Charlotte Shelley 1-4 IRENE WOOD - Table FOUR

Irene Wood became the Stafford Sunday Singles Ladies Champion for the first time at her first attempt. She was up against 3 times Champion Charlotte Shelley and a good final was in prospect. Both players were quickly in their stride but a determined approach by Irene gave herself a 2 frame cushion with some fine potting and tactical play. Charlotte pulled a frame back hoping it would kickstart her defence of the crown. However Irene maintained the 2 frame lead witha fine clearance and then in the 5th frame she closed the door on Charlotte and seized her chance to play out the frame to give herself a 4-1 victory to claim the prize as Sunday ladies champion.

A big thanks to Kennys Sportsbar on hosting the event and also to Shaun Cooper & Kieran Johnson on refereeing the whole competition.

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