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2011 Summer League Group A Table

 TeamP WDL FAPts
1RILEYS A10820582284
2RILEYS C10712562478
3RILEYS CUE10541562475
4STAFFS BULL L10415433756
5BEAR & PHEASANT A10208176323
6HIGHFIELDS CLUB A100010107010

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Jul 2011
2011 summer league

The fixtures for the new 2011 Summer League are now online. 29 teams compete across 5 groups with the first set of matches on 7th August. There is currently one place available in Group C for any new teams who wish to enter. Group A appears to be the group of death this year as it contains 5 first division teams from the last Winter season. There are no fixtures on 28th August due to the Bank Holiday. Also, this year's AGM is scheduled for Sunday 25th September - part-way through the Summer season. The Knockout stage of the competition will start on 30th October.