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2012-13 Winter League Division 1 Table

 TeamP WDL FAPts
1PERKINS CUE22172312650179
2HOP POLE C22152511759164
3BEAR & PHEASANT22146211462162
4PERKINS VVV22144411165157
5RANGERS DOGS22127310571148
6ST. GEORGES A227788393111
7TAP n SPILE2265117799100
8GPO CLUB A2254136910788
9STAFFS BULL2244146710983
10JOINERS ARMS2246126211480
11WAGGON REBELS2251166311379
12STAFFS BULL B2242166211476

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Jun 2013
winter season review


Perkins Cue are the new 'Market Promotions Stafford Sunday Pool league Champions' 2012/13 for the Sixth time (previously in 2004/5, 2006/7, 2008/9, 2009/10 & 2010/11). The successful quintet are Rob Wharne (capt), Dave Whitfield, Martin Priestley, Dave & Mike Barker. Finishing in Runners-up spot were the Hop Pole C who had Duncan Sunderland (capt), Alan Mason, Simon Key, Baz Davies, Mick Addison & Kev Brown. Bear & Pheasant finished in 3rd place. At the other end of the table, both Waggon Rebels and Staffs Bull B (their first season) lost their fight to stay up and will have to play next season in Division 2. The Most Individual wins goes to England player Rob Wharne of Perkins Cue with 35 wins out of 39. Also the 'Jim Simpson Trophy (8-Ball)' went to Wharne with 9 clearances.


Oxleathers B are the '2nd division Champions' after a close battle with runners up the Morrisman. The Oxleathers B were 3rd division Champions the previous season (2011/12) and now will be plying their trade in Division 1. Representing the Oxleathers side was Kev Moore, Danny Haynes, Kev Genner, Alan Hill, Chris Nolan & Tim Sargeant. The Morrisman will be joining them and were well supported by Kieran Johnson, Chris Broomhall, Charlotte Shelley, Shaun Cooper and Jamie Bailey. Luckpenny Garters finished in 3rd place. At the other end of the table both Highfields Club A and Hop Pole D were relegated to the 3rd Division. The Most Individual wins went to Dave Rose (Highfields Club A) with 32 wins from 40. The 'Jim Simpson Trophy (8-Ball)' was shared amongst Chris Broomhall, Kieran Johnson (both Morrisman), Alan Hill (Ox B), Graham Nunn (Hop Pole B) and Wayne Smith (Joiners Rebels).


Metro Bar A won the 3rd Division by 56 points in their first season. Roy Brown (Capt) was ably supported by Andy Palin, Dave Ashton, Alan Farrow & Paul Shepard. The Met Bar capped a fine double, securing runners up spot in their final game with a 5-3 win over Hop Pole A. Steven Rogers (capt), Gaz Nicklin, Pete Sandhar, Matt Bradshaw Andy Laing were the successful team. GPO Club B finished in 3rd place. The Most Individual wins was shared between both Andy Palin & Dave Ashton (both Metro Bar A) with 30 wins. The 'Jim Simpson Trophy (8-Ball)' went to Roy Brown (Metro Bar A) with 2 clearances.

May 2013
final end of season decider


Perkins Cue have retained their league crown after their 7-1 victory over GPO A. It is their SIXTH Title in 9 Seasons. Rob Wharne (capt), Dave Whitfield, Martin Priestley, Dave & Mike Barker have featured all season. Runners up spot is still up for grabs with Hop Pole C currently 2nd, although they have completed their season they must sit and wait to see if 3rd place Bear & Pheasant can win their final game 5-3 (against Perkins Cue) to take the runners up spot. The relegation still has not been decided with 4 teams fighting to stay up. Staffs Bull B, Joiners Arms, Wagon Rebels & GPO A are hoping to overcome 'end of season nerves'. 


Morrisman are top at the present time but have completed thier fixtures and lead by just 3 points. Oxleathers B need only a draw (against Highfields B) to secure the title after also being 3rd div champions in 2011/12. Luckpenny Garters need to win 8-0 (against Hop Pole B) to overtake Morrisman. At the over end of the table Highfields A need a big win (v Oxleathers C) and hope both Hop Pole B and D sides lose.


Metro Bar A won the 3rd division time some time ago. Roy Brown (capt), Alan Farrow, Dave Ashton, Andy Palin and Paul Shepard were the victorious squad. 2nd place is up for grabs and both 2nd and 3rd place teams meet this week. Hop Pole A need to win at least 5-3 to go above Metro Bar and so go ahead on most draws. However if the Hop Pole win 5-3 then the GPO B must win 8-0 to snatch the runners up spot by a single point.

Good luck to all teams in their quest for silverware and survival!

Feb 2013
outstanding league fixtures

There are only TWO outstanding leagues fixtures.

These matches have to be played BEFORE the last Match of the season.

The teams in BOLD cancelled the original fixture


WAGON REBELS v PERKINS VVV (20/1/2013) being played 12/5/2013 (double header)

BEAR & PHEASANT v RANGERS DOGS (3/2/2013) being played 19/5/2013 (double header)

Failure to come to any agreement will result in the Committee setting dates for the respective teams.


Jan 2013
waggon rebels

The Northside Rebels side have moved to the Waggon & Horses and will play under the name Waggon Rebels.

Jan 2013
team name changes

Northside Royal from the 2nd division are now playing from the Joiners Arms and will be known as Joiners Rebels.

The Penny Pots from the 2nd division have renamed themselves to The Penny Potters.

Perkins in the top division have changed their name to Perkins VVV.

Dec 2012
result card drop-off points

Completed Result Cards can now be handed in at the Star & Garter along with the Joiners Arms.

Don't forget to make use of the online Result Card Entry Form in order to have your results posted on the website as early as possible. It's simple to use as the names of the players can be picked from a short list once the division and home/away teams are selected. It should be possible to use this form on most smart phones as well as tablets and PCs/laptops.

Dec 2012
former teams page

A Former Teams page has been added to the Teams menu option on the left-hand-side vertical menu. The link to League Teams on this menu has been renamed to Current Teams.

The Former Teams page lists all of the teams who have played in a previous season of the League (since Summer 2010). This allows you to then view all of the league statistics for any former teams who have since broken up, changed their name or moved location. The Current Teams page lists all of the teams who are playing in the current League season.

Dec 2012
nesbitt arms drop out

Nesbitt Arms have dropped out of the 3rd division. This division is now down to 11 teams so there will be one bye per week.

Nov 2012
rileys information


The recent news about Rileys, Stafford closing has caused teams to change venues. SEVEN teams - 3 in the 1st div, 3 in the 2nd div & 1 in the 3rd are in the process of finding new homes.

Rileys C (1st div) will now be playing from PERKINS SPORTS & SOCIAL CLUB and will be known as PERKINS.

Rileys Cue (1st div) will now be playing from PERKINS SPORTS & SOCIAL CLUB and will be known as PERKINS CUE.

Rileys Dogs (1st div) will now be playing from STAFFORD RANGERS SOCIAL CLUB and will be known as RANGERS DOGS.

Rileys Cue T's (2nd div) will now be playing from the LUCKPENNY and will be known as THE PENNY POTS.

Rileys Garters (2nd div) will now be playing from the LUCKPENNY and will be known as LUCKPENNY GARTERS.

Rileys (2nd div) will now be playing from the MORRISMAN and will be known as MORRISMAN

Rileys F (3rd div) will now be playing from the WESTWAY and will be known as WESTWAY 

DROP OFF POINT is JOINERS ARMS plus another venue is still to be confirmed.

Any other queries then contact Dave Whitfield for more information.

Nov 2012
important announcement


All captains please read the following information-

Due to TWO teams dropping out - JOINERS ARMS A (Division ONE) and STAR & GARTER B (Division TWO), the League Committee have decided to reorganise the Winter league Fixtures in ALL THREE DIVISIONS.

The reason for this change is to eliminate the amount of byes which have increased due to the withdrawal of the ABOVE mentioned teams. However due to teams turning up and playing in the first 3 weeks, those results will stand. When the new fixture list comes out (week commencing 12/11/12), please observe that those games will be dated on different dates. These games are complete and so treat these games as FREE WEEKS. The new Fixtures will commence on Sunday 18th November 2012 and so, at this point, the old Fixture List must be destroyed. Averages will be updated after this date as the original fixtures/results in the database will need to be replaced due to the changes in the Fixtures.

This call for action will benefit the league as it will leave only ONE bye in one division (Div 2) and result in the League completing 2 weeks earlier. Any queries/information please contact the relevant League Officers.

Oct 2012
winter league fixtures

The new Winter League Fixtures for the 2012-13 season are now online.

There will be 3 divisions running from 28th October 2012 until 16th June 2013. As usual, matches will not be played on Bank Holidays weekends.

There are 13 teams in the top division which means that each team in this division will have 2 byes over the season.

There are 12 teams in each of the 2nd and 3rd divisions. In order to finish the fixtures across the League on the same day (16th June 2013) it has been necessary for each team in the bottom two tiers to have 4 byes over the season. These will be split into 2 byes in each half. This will mean some teams may have byes on consecutive weeks of the season.