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2014-15 Winter League Division 3 Table

 TeamP WDL FAPts
1PRINCESS ROYAL B1612228840126
2PRINCESS ROYAL A1610157850109
3WAGGON & HORSES A16916686096
4KENNYS TITANS16646725694
5GPO CLUB B15753655591
6TAP n SPILE164210587072
7KENNYS CUE15528546671
8LUCKPENNY B16547507869
9BEAR & PHEASANT A162113359342

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Jan 2015
cancelled matches

Below is a list of cancelled matches which are still to be rearranged. Team Captains must now start setting dates for these matches as ALL matches MUST be completed before the LAST LEAGUE match of the season. Teams in CAPITALS originally cancelled the original date. These teams CANNOT cancel anymore matches until these outstanding matches are played. I will put the confirmed dates of these matches as soon as I get the details from the captains. Please sort these ASAP. Thank you.


Division One - 4 matches.

09/11/2014 Match 3 - KENNYS BEAR v Metropolitan Bar A - to be played on Sat 14/03/15

16/11/2014 Match 4 - KENNYS BEAR 6-2 Perkins Cue - (played on 20/02/15)

21/12/2014 Match 8 - Hop Pole C v PERKINS Z - to be played on Sun 15/03/15 @ 6pm

11/01/2015 Match 10 - HOP POLE B 3-5 Joiners Arms - (played on 15/02/15)


Division Two - 3 matches.

23/11/2014 Match 5 - RADFORD REJECTS 3-5 Joiners Rebels - (played on 15/02/15)

07/12/2014 Match 6 - KENNYS WSR 3-5 Metro Bar - (played on 18/01/2015)

21/12/2014 Match 8 - Joiners Rebels v STAR & GARTER A


Division Three - 2 matches.

21/12/2014 Match 8 - Princess Royal A 7-1 KENNYS CUE (played on Sunday 22/02/15)

04/12/2015 Match 9 - KENNYS CUE v GPO Club B


Just a reminder, there are NO AVAILABLE Bank Holidays to play these matches as the season finishes before the Easter period begins. However as matches have been played before the turnaround, there is an opportunity to double up when teams meet up for the 2nd half of the season. That is a suggestion and both captains must contact BEFORE this happens. Please keep me (Dave Whitfield) informed, so I can update these matches. Thank you.

Dec 2014
bin there, done that

Bin 8-BallBin Singh finally popped his 8-Ball cherry on Sunday.

Bin was representing Joiners Arms in their first division clash against Perkins Cue. The Joiners were playing at home so a few of the locals were able to witness history being made.

His clearance of the table was made in the first half of the match and Bin was promptly dropped from the home side's line-up for the second half! In fact, it was one of two 8-balls produced by the home team on the night but, to no avail, as the Cue team claimed a 6-2 victory.

Martin Priestley, his victim, was very gracious in defeat and even posed with Bin for a celebratory photo (see desktop website).

So, congratulations to Bin on his achievement and other players should also feel free to send in photos of themselves claiming their first career 8-Balls.