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2015-16 Winter League Division 1 Table

 TeamP WDL FAPts
1KENNYS BEAR22164211759169
2HOP POLE C22163311858169
3THE KENNYS CUE22171411462166
4ST. GEORGES22108410670144
5METRO BAR A22125510175142
6JOINERS ARMS2211479779134
7STAR & GARTER A226313779998
8HOP POLE E2272136910792
9ST. GEORGES A2254137310392
10GPO CLUB A2255127010690
11HOP POLE B2235146211476

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Jun 2016
division three winter review 2015/16

MARKET PROMOTIONS Stafford Sunday Pool League 

Division Three GPO Social B were crowned champions on the 3rd div as results went their way after they lost 5-3 to also promoted Kennys Toolz. Oxleathers lost their first match of the season in their final game and had to settle for 3rd place.

Div THREE Champions - GPO SOCIAL B. Kirsty Lawrence (capt), Ben Heath, John Lainton, Barry Brown, Matt Bradshaw & Ricky Balding.

Div THREE Runners up - KENNYS TOOLZ. Chris Gray (capt), Mark Mitchell, Pete Hassall, Nick Weaver, Tom Hodgenson & Ash Weston.

Oxleathers finished 3rd and had Steve Lowndes (capt), Wayne Carnell, Gordon Pask, Carl Wilson, Don Pearce & Danny Heywood in their side.

Most Wins goes to Mark Mitchell (Kennys Toolz) with 28 wins from 40 games.

Most 8 balls was shared with 3 players. Chris Gray, Mitchell (both Kennys Toolz) & Tom Vernon (Perkins A) all with one clearance each.

Well done to all teams.

Jun 2016
division two winter review 2015/16

MARKET PROMOTIONS Stafford Sunday Pool League 

Congratulations to KENNYS DRAGONS on winning the Division Two title. They actually won it 4 weeks ago and won an impressive 18 matches out of 20.

Div TWO Champions - KENNYS DRAGONS. Pete Sandhar (capt), Ben Crossley, Robbie Jenkinson, Warren Jesney & Irene Wood.

Div TWO Runners up - MORRISMAN ISLANDERS. Lee Haidarovic (capt), Alan & Sean Alldritt, Simon W Davies and Rob Mullens.

Kennys missed out on promotion by 3 points. Shaun Cooper (capt), Chris Broomhall, Charlotte Shelley, Kieran Johnson, Rich Davies & Chris Clark. Both Princess Royal A and Joiners Rebels will be playing in the 3rd division next season.

Most wins was shared with 4 players on 27 wins each. Chris Broomhall (Kennys), Lee Haidarovic (Islanders), Gaz Hughes (Princess Royal B) & Matty Simpson (Highfields).

Most 8 balls was won by Warren Jesney (Dragons) with 4 clearances.

In total, there were 15 x 8 ball clearances achieved by 9 players. Again another record for this division. Well done to all teams.

Jun 2016
division one winter review 2015/16

MARKET PROMOTIONS Stafford Sunday Pool League 

Congratulations to KENNYS BEAR on winning the 1st division title after missing out narrowly the previous season. The top three teams were neck and neck and were only separated by 3 points in the end. It was all down to Jim Simpson in the final frame of his match to determine the league champions and he duly took it and win the title on Most draws for the 'Bear'.

Div ONE Champions - KENNYS BEAR - 169 points. Jim Simpson (capt), Giles Eastwood, Andy Rawlinson & Gav Davies.

Div ONE Runners up - HOP POLE C - 169 points. Duncan Sunderland (capt), Alan Mason, Simon Key, Mick Addison, Kev Brown & Baz Davies.

The Kennys Cue with 166 points finished in 3rd place with Dave Whitfield (capt), Alan Sim, Dave & Mike Barker and Martin Priestley. Both Hop Pole B and Perkins will be playing in the 2nd Division next season

Most Wins - Alan Mason (Hop Pole C) with 36 wins out of 43.

Most 8 balls - Rob Wharne (St Georges) with 8 clearances.

A total of 42 x 8 ball clearances (23 players) were made - a record, beating the previous best of 36 set in the 2011/12 season. Well done to all teams.

Mar 2016
outstanding league fixtures

All matches listed below MUST be played before the LAST LEAGUE GAME of the season

Dates for these Fixtures need to be put in place and as soon as BOTH teams agree a date then this match MUST BE played on this date.

Teams who have not set a date, must do ASAP. It is the responsibility of the team who cancelled the match to ask for THREE dates from the opposing team. These dates must be BEFORE the last game of the season. If the teams don't come up with any agreed dates, the committee will give three dates and if still no agreement has been made then there will no alternative but to put it down as a NO RESULT.

Teams in BOLD CAPITALS were the teams who originally cancelled the fixture

Division ONE

29/11/15 JOINERS ARMS v Hop Pole B - confirmed to be played on 23/04/16 @8:00pm

07/02/16 Hop Pole E v PERKINS - Date still to be confirmed

14/02/16 Metro Bar A v ST GEORGES - confirmed to be played on 22/04/16 @8:00pm



Please can all teams please work together to come to an amicable agreement and please inform the League Secretary, so I can update this article.




Nov 2015
presentation photos

The photographs from this year's Presentation Evening are now available to view on the Gallery page. The photos are courtesy of Chris Broomhall (Kennys team) who did a first class job on the night.

Oct 2015
presentation evening

Friday 30th October 2015. Venue - Perkins Social Club.

List of trophy winners
Winter league 2014/15

Div ONE Champions - Perkins Cue
Div ONE Runner up - Kennys Bear
Most wins - Andy Rawlinson (Kennys Bear)

Div TWO Champions - Star & Garter A
Div TWO Runner up - Hop Pole E
Most wins - Mark Shaw (Hop Pole E)

Div THREE Champions - Princess Royal B
Div THREE Runner up - Princess Royal A
Most wins - Gaz Hughes (Royal B) & John Lainton (GPO B)

Most 8 balls - 'Jim Simpson Trophy'
Div 1 - Simon Key (Hop Pole C)
Div 2 - Shaun Cooper (Kennys WSR), Derek Marley (Pole D), Gaz Nicklin (Metro Bar), Russ Pibworth (Kennys Potters) & M Shaw (Pole E)
Div 3 - John Davies (Royal A), Ben Heath (GPO B), Gaz Hughes (Royal B) & Joe Mantle (Titans)

Stan Bent Team KO Winners - Perkins Cue
Stan Bent Team KO Runner up - Metro Bar A
Semi Finalists - Princess Royal B & Kennys Bear
Winter Subsidiary Team KO Winners - Hop Pole C
Winter Subsidiary Team KO Runner up - St Georges A

Summer League 2015

Group A Winner - Metro Bar A
Group B Winner - Kennys Dragons
Group C Winner - Perkins Cue
Group D Winner - Joiners Arms
Summer Team KO Winners - Perkins Cue
Summer Team KO Runner up - Joiners Arms
Semi Finalists - Kennys Bear & Metro Bar A
Summer Plate KO Winners - St Georges
Summer Plate KO Runner up - Kennys Potters

Individual KO 2014/15

Singles Champion - Rob Wharne (St Georges)
Singles Runner up - Robbie Jenkinson (Kennys Dragons)
Semi Finalists - Gav Davies & Andy Rawlinson (both Kennys Bear)
Doubles Champions - Dave Whitfield (Perkins Cue) & Rob Wharne (St Georges)
Doubles Runners up - Mark Sheerin & Will Edge (GPO Club A)
Semi Finalists - Warren Jesney & Ben Crossley (Kennys Dragons) and Duncan Sunderland & Mick Addison (Hop Pole C)
Ladies Singles Champion - Irene Wood (Kennys Dragons)
Ladies Singles Runner up - Charlotte Shelley (Kennys WSR)